“How was my talk supposed to count?”

"How was my talk supposed to count?"

country singer simone, is associated with Simaria, first described the details of a terrifying situation she lived in the past: she was arrested in the United States.

The situation occurred while she was doing backing vocals for singer Frank Aguirre. At that time, she was a teenager and had suffered a major disturbance.

“At that time, if I had sued those people, I would have made a lot of money. I don’t know if there was a case. I didn’t even try to find out because I was too young at the time.”said in an unpublished video posted on his YouTube channel.

In conversation, he said that he is accused of possessing a stolen passport.

“I think I was arrested when I was 15 or 16. Frank Aguirre is going to demonstrate in the United States, all the documents are correct. When I got there, at the time of the interview with the federal police, they took Took me to a small room. I thought I should have seen something. When I don’t think, some policeman comes and puts on a leather belt with a chain and handcuffs. I start crying. Imagine that, then From, my first time in the country. For them, my passport was stolen“he explained.

In the end she said that even though she was a minor, she faced psychological pressure.

“They took me to a place full of Muslims. And the psychological pressure they put on? ‘You can tell us your passport was stolen. If you tell the truth, we’ll at least let you call your mom If not, you’re going to be stuck here and you won’t be able to see your parents anymore. I took those pictures too. How was my point going to count? They had to investigate. Our country. It was a mistake'”, informed of.

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singer simone Showing off her body on social networks makes fans happy as it is after coming zaya dinin, your youngest.

This Tuesday (26) she appeared in top and leggings after the workout.

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