‘I can clearly see now’ Singer Johnny Nash has died: NPR

'I can clearly see now' Singer Johnny Nash has died: NPR

Singer Johnny Nash almost recorded a New York City studio in 1958.

POPC Randolph / Michael Ouchs Archives / Gatti Images

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POPC Randolph / Michael Ouchs Archives / Gatti Images

Singer Johnny Nash almost recorded a New York City studio in 1958.

POPC Randolph / Michael Ouchs Archives / Gatti Images

Johnny Nash, a singer who made the No. 1 hit in 1972 with “I Can Apparently Now”, has died. He was 80 years old. Her son, Johnny Nash Jr., confirmed her death Associated Press, Saying his father died of natural causes at his home in Houston.

Along with his pop career, Nash had an amazing hand in Reggie’s development. As one of the owners of the JAD Records label, he signed a special deal with Bob Marley, Peter Tosh and Bunny Weller earlier in his career.

Nash was born on August 19, 1940 in Houston. In the 1950s, she released an album for ABC-Paramount featuring her dreamy pop ballad, including a cover of her first charting song, Doris Day’s “A Very Special Love” in 1958. . An actor and star in 1959 film Take a big step.

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By 1965, Nash and his managers, Danny Sims, Created its own record label, first named Joda and later JAD (including a third partner, Arthur Jenkins). Two years later, Nash and Sims moved to Jamaica.

Nash recorded many of his performances there – but more importantly, he heard a young singer named Bob Marley, who was immediately signed by JAD to the Marley trio, Weller, as a recording artist with a publishing deal. Signed.

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However, J.A.D. Reggie couldn’t break in the United States. In 1972, the label sold Marley’s contract to Chris Blackwell and Island Records. But four songs written by Marley appeared on the album I can see clearly now: “Guava jelly,” “Coma coma,” “You put sugar on me” and the album’s opening track, “Stir It Up.”

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Nash never repeated the commercial success of “I Can See Now” – an interesting, enjoyable and rag-ting hit that he wrote and was later covered by musicians. Jimmy Cliff To them Donnie Osmond.

Nash released his latest studio album, Here again, In 1986; It had a single that went 47th on the UK singles chart. The singer quit the music business and moved to a quieter life in Texas.

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