I care that Brazil became the most watched movie on Netflix

I care that Brazil became the most watched movie on Netflix

I Care a Lot (I Care a Lot) is one of Netflix’s current hits. According to the monitoring platform, the suspense film, with a touch of acid humor, is the most watched in Brazil and the most popular in the world. Flix patrol.

Written and directed by Jay Blakeson, the production made its debut at the Toronto International Film Festival on September 12, 2020, but was only released Streaming At the end of February this year.

Metros Listed four reasons that help in understanding the popularity of the production.

Golden Globe Nominee 2021

Production is one of Netflix’s bets at this year’s major film awards. The first came on Sunday (2/28). Production’s hero Rosamund Pike was awarded the Golden Globe for Best Actress for her performance as Marla Grayson in the feature.

Rosamond Pike

Put on weight

In order to keep the audience connected on screen, every action of the film’s protagonist is important. The experience of the cast and the reputation of the experienced actors guarantee the suspense of the plot and the play of the comedy.

The main names are Rosamund Pike (exam girl), Peter Dinklage (Game of Thrones), Diane Wiest (two-time Oscar winner), Chris Messina and Izza Gonzalez (Bloodshot).

Envelope plot

Until the last minute of the film, the characters manage to keep up the addictive suspense. When everything seems resolved, one moment is able to change the course of history. It is unlikely that anyone would want to know the end of each one in the plot without abandoning the production.

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Real Stories

The film is based on true stories of abuse against the elderly in the United States. Revealing the connection between production and reality, film director J. Blakeson did.

“It all started when I saw new stories in real life about hunter-gatherers who manipulate the system and take advantage of its protection. I was horrified. Imagine opening your door one day and seeing a person holding a piece of paper, which gives them full legal power over you. The idea terrified me, ”he said in a note released by Netflix.

Without revealing a specific case, the filmmaker stated that he focused on the subject and created a plot that relates fiction to real facts. “And I wanted to explore that idea within the framework of a police thriller,” J. Blakeson explains.

In the film, Isha Hwatlock Jr. is the judge Lomax
In the film, Isha Hwatlock Jr. is the judge Lomax

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