Ice Cube quits filmmaking after being denied Covid-19 vaccine; Understand Rolling Stone

Ice Cube quits filmmaking after being denied Covid-19 vaccine;  Understand Rolling Stone

Actor and rapper, Ice Cube was cast alongside Jack Black—and would gross nearly $50 million—in a film set in Hawaii.

Daniel Kreps, Rolling Stone USA | Translation: Julia Harumi Morita Published on 10/30/2021 at 12:00 PM

ice Cube quit the role of co-protagonist in comedy Oh hell no After the manufacturers declined the request for vaccination against Covid-19. According to heart, the rapper was cast to star in the title of June Sony near Jack Black And the producers asked the entire cast and crew to get vaccinated before shooting in Hawaii.

ice Cube refused, sources told heart, then left the project and left a salary of approximately R$50 million. A representative for the artist did not respond to his request. Rolling Stone EUA To comment on the matter. Both Sony and the rapper’s talent agency declined to comment. heart

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Although ice Cube While he has not publicly commented on Covid-19 vaccination, he has strongly defended the use of masks during the pandemic on social media. The rapper also launched a line of T-shirts to raise funds for frontline health professionals — featuring iconic images of the rapper wearing a mask.

last August, ice Cube He also donated 2,000 masks to a college in Oklahoma, United States, and was frequently photographed wearing the mask during basketball tournaments. big 3.

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ice Cube – who is currently starring with snoop dogg, E-40 I very small in rap supergroup mount westmore Last year, he found himself in a dispute, when he used to see himself associating with the administration. trump For a month during the 2020 election.

The rapper later explained in an interview Rolling Stone EUA: “Well, I didn’t talk trump. I’ve never met him in my life. So I talked to his people and he made adjustments to his plan. That’s just the truth. I can do some shit and lie about what happened. this is true. That’s what happened. And the Democrats had the opportunity to do the same. They have the opportunity to do that.”

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He continued: “And look, I’m not telling anyone who to vote for. I’m not supporting anyone. It’s a decision people should make for themselves. But that’s what happened. And as long as we do it.” Don’t finish, I’m going to talk to all the presidents.

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