If you need some laughter relief from the options to watch the standup special entertainment

If you need some laughter relief from the options to watch the standup special entertainment

Here are five special things we recommend laughing at (or to slow down your heart rate).

“Mark Maran: And Times Fun” (Netflix)

Who else could make the Day of Judgment happy? Killings, wildfires, and mockery of the gospel all lead to the masterful final joke you have to roll. If you like the 2017 special to kill this special effort, “very real.”

“Chelsea Handler: Evolution” (HBO Max)

Not that you want to cry during a standup special, but Handler takes the audience on such an emotional journey in this special, the first in six years. He’s the best here, filming directly in front of a small audience that has socially distanced himself from the table due to the epidemic. Handler catering, personal development and 50 cm.

“Michelle Butio: Wake Up to Butupia” (Netflix)

Buteyu is a shining beacon of positivity and quick knowledge. She talks about being a mother of twins, her Dutch husband’s language and self-love.

“Sam J: 3 Morning” (Netflix)

“Then he started packing the third bag, and it really confused me, ‘because he only has two arms.’ Enough said.

“Tim Hedker: An Evening with Tim Hedker” (UT) b)

Heidrick mocks the standup on his own, turning everything upside down and inwards. It’s fun to move on. And no, Julia Roberts is not in the audience.

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