IFA 2021: Leaders point to communication as fundamental to crisis management in epidemics – small business big business

IFA 2021: Leaders point to communication as fundamental to crisis management in epidemics - small business big business

Leaders invest in communicating with their teams during the epidemic (Photo: Pexels)

What do the leaders behind a series of beauty franchises, one in the gym and one in the restaurant have in common? In early 2020, when the first news about the epidemic began to appear in newspapers, he did not believe that the problem would spread worldwide, much less that it would affect his businesses, which would be years and years of success. Continued to grow and continued to grow.

From the second half of March, David barrDirector of PMDT Restaurant Group, Dave motrenPresident of the Self Steam Brands chain of fitness and wellness gyms and services, and Meg robertsCEO of beauty services chain The Lash Lounge closely watched their businesses. In the panel held during the fifth day of the digital edition of this Wednesday (2/24), International Franchise Association (IFA), He shared experiences and lessons learned from the “war period”, as defined by the epidemic.

“When I realized that the problem was serious, that the coronovirus had reached us, our first step was to end the on-site activities and send all our employees home,” Meg Roberts recalls. The concern of the entrepreneur was to ensure the health and safety of all. “But I accept that I was confident that this situation would last a week or a little longer.”

IFA 2021 (Photo: reproduction)

IFA 2021: In the highlights above: David Barr. Below, Dave Motreson and Meg Roberts (Photo: reproduction)

Considering the seriousness of the problem and the months that have progressed without any sign of improvement, he mobilized his team and put together an action plan to maintain a relationship with his franchise, a guarantee Communications Transparent and reliable with their teams, primarily, planning the future of the company.

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“If I could face the most important crisis management issue, it would be communication,” Meg Roberts says. It was in this way that he and his teammates designed for all security procedures and protocols when the stores reopened. “The idea was to change all the fears and insecurities we were experiencing with our store closures and our operation zeroed in on energy to plan the future, which was to begin in the coming times . “

The same text emphasizes Dave Moterson, who started daily meetings with his teams. He added, “We increased the frequency of talking to our teams to make sure that no issues were unresolved. We made room for questions – from the simplest to the most complex – and ensured that no one was in doubt. Was not left with. “For the leader, efficient, frequent and direct communication is the great learning of the epidemic. Motterson believes that the world after Kovid 19 is ready for much quicker adjustments and changes in focus, and Constant communication is central to building this strategy effectively.

David Barr sees communication as sympathetic, not only with the direct teams of companies, but also with franchisees and customers. “Communication is not just talking. It is also to listen and reflect. And it is this reflection that drives us towards growth ”, explains the entrepreneur on his perspective. He also highlighted the fundamental, patience and positive message for crisis management due to Kovid-19.

To end the round and the topic of communication as a fundamental part of crisis management due to the epidemic, Meg Roberts brought up a phrase uttered by United States President Joe Biden: “Not by example of power, But the power exemplified by the lead. ”For the entrepreneur, the pandemic is to test the power of leadership of executives around the world, from all walks of activity and, for those who dare to share their insecurities, fears and disappointments Are, participate in the process, perform. Perform better and show themselves open to risk-taking, not only with their teams to plan but also responsibility to execute a possible future for their companies Share.

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