Igloo blasts Buhari government for killing protesters

Igloo blasts Buhari government for killing protesters

A former Super Eagles striker, Audience IghaloHas lashed out at the Nigerian government for attacking protesters demanding an end to police brutality and general reforms in the country.

Inglo, who was on the bench as Manchester United, tried to beat PSG 2-1 in the Champions League, saying he could not remain silent about what was happening in Nigeria.

In an emotional voice, Ighalo accused the Nigerian government of killing its own people and called on the international community to show concern over what was happening in Nigeria.

He said: “I am miserable and miserable. I don’t know where to start, I’m not a guy who talks about politics but I can’t keep quiet about what is happening back home in Nigeria.

“I would say that the Nigerian government is ashamed of the world for killing your own citizens because they are protesting for their rights. Today 20-10-20 you people will be remembered as the first government to send troops to the city to kill its citizens. I am ashamed of this government, we are tired of your boys and can’t take it anymore. ”

“I am calling on the British government and world leaders to please see what is happening in Nigeria and help the poor. We are asking the United Nations to look into the matter.”

Ighlo called on all Nigerians to remain calm and safe.

“I want to tell my brothers and sisters to stay safe inside the house. Please don’t come out because these governments are murderers and if the world doesn’t talk about it, the carnage will continue.”

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The Premium Times had earlier reported that security forces opened fire on protesters at the Lakey Toll Gate, killing and injuring unknown people, as confirmed by several witnesses to the incident.

Thousands of protesters demanding police reform gathered at Leki’s place on Tuesday evening in defiance of a curfew previously announced by Governor Babji Snow-Olu.

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Witnesses said that at night, state activists raided the place and opened fire indiscriminately. Many said the attackers were soldiers.

Many witnesses at the Lucky Toll Gate, where #Sands protesters have been protesting for nearly two weeks, have shared videos and photos from the scene.


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