Images: First F-15QA is sent to Qatar – Cavoca Brasil

Images: First F-15QA is sent to Qatar - Cavoca Brasil

The first four F-15QA fighters quietly left the aircraft manufacturer Boeing facility in St. Louis, Missouri for Qatar on October 27, and proceeded for delivery.

The four F-15QAs (registrations 17-0006, 17-0013, 17-0015 and 17-0014) traveled only 12,000 km towards their future airport in Al Udeed. The first shuttle flight came two months later when Boeing presented the first F-15QA to US and Qatar dignitaries at a ceremony in St. The aircraft were called to the Royal Air Force Base in Mildenhall, UK, along with a KC-10 extender support aircraft.

There will be a total of 48 F-15QAs in Qatar. The modern version of the Eagle not only offers revolutionary features, it is also built using advanced manufacturing processes that make the jet more efficient in the manufacturing process. In operation, F-15s cost more than half an hour to fly similar fighters and deliver much larger payloads over much greater distances.

The F-15 Eagle family is the most advanced of the Qatar Emirates Air Force. Based on the F-15SA supplied to Saudi Arabia, the F-15QA (Qatari Advanced) has an Infrared Search and Tracking (IRST) sensor, a Digital Electronic Warfare Kit and Raytheon’s AESA APG-82(V) 3 radar. Unlike the older F-15s, the newer SA and QA versions have fly-by-wire flight control systems. LANTIRN Night Infrared Low Altitude Navigation System: Low Altitude Navigation and Targeting Infrared for Night), mounted externally under the engine air intakes, allows aircraft to fly at low altitudes, at night and in all weather conditions, and for a variety of ground targets allows to attack. Guided and unguided weapons.

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In addition, Qatar’s new jets will feature a new wing design that will retain the aerodynamic profile but have a new internal structure for greater durability. Improved reliability, durability and ease of maintenance allow low-cost defense operators to stay ahead of existing and emerging threats.

The new cockpit display includes the front display from BAE Systems. Most notable is the adoption of a larger touchscreen, similar to the F-35 Lightning II.

The new launchers will allow Qatar’s aircraft to carry 16 AIM-120 AMRAAM missiles and four AIM-9X sidewinders with a range of precision guided weapons on air defense missions.

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