Important Cuban TV Presenter Decides to Immigrate to the United States

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A prominent presenter on Cuba’s official television has joined the mass migration of islanders to reach the United States, as she herself reported in a Facebook message, arguing the “disappointment” and the sternness of that government. criticized which he had previously publicly defended.

Journalist Yuninho Rodriguez said, “My journey began like that of thousands of other Cubans who, in recent months, tired of plowing in the sand and decided to leave, with so much rotten filth, lies, despair. From.” A long message written during your transit through Mexico.

The communicator, who introduced himself on Cuban national television news as Unier Smith, confessed to being “in love” with the system, but said he was dismayed by the government’s false pretense and “failed policies” that Don’t solve the problems of “a dead economy in your country”.

He criticized President Miguel Daz-Canel’s call for fighting among Cubans during the “disgusting police misconduct of July 11, 2021” and unprecedented demonstrations in nearly 50 cities on the island.

He also complained about the many foreign exchange reserves on the island, in addition to “social gaps, hunger and giant lines”, where the population is gaining weight.

Like this journalist, thousands of Cubans moved to Central America or Mexico to cross the border with the United States.

Cuba is facing its worst economic crisis in 27 years, due to a decline in tourism during the pandemic and the tightening of US sanctions, which have exacerbated food and medicine shortages.

The journalist who published a picture with sloppy shoes justified himself by saying that he was harassed by the directors of the station he worked for.

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“I went to the boss’s office several times to ask, ‘What do you want to tell me?’ When I couldn’t find an explanation or a way to defend,” he said.

Married to an American, she explained that her daughter with “dual citizenship” is “likely to live at liberty in another country” and entitled to a separation from the circumstances in which she lived.



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