In 24 hours, Porto Alegre recorded more deaths than Portugal and the United Kingdom.

In 24 hours, Porto Alegre recorded more deaths than Portugal and the United Kingdom.

The daily record of deaths by Kovid-19 in Rio Grande do Cove and Colorad Alegre reached the highest level since the onset of the epidemic. According to the Department of Health (SES) on Tuesday, 502 people died Causes of illness in the state of Rio Grande do Sul. Of these, 82 were reported by the capital – a number higher than the combined records of Portugal, 13 and the United Kingdom, 64, two countries experienced fragile moments with the disease between the end of 2020 and the beginning of 2021 .

Following a record of deaths and hospitals in December, among the new variants, the two adopted restrictive and drastic measures earlier this year and began identifying results in recent weeks. In contrast to what happens in Portugal and the United Kingdom since February, Porto Alegre has seen an increase in infections and hospitalizations for coronovirus, with the health system operating 116% occupied.

The serious landscape of the capital is also reflected in Rio Grande do Sul and Brazil. According to Conass (Council of National Health Secretaries), There were 2,340 notifications in this period All over the Brazilian region. This number did not take into account the Gauco data, which only surfaced at the beginning of the night.

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