In a negative spiral, the stock exchange is trading below the 117 thousand mark at its lowest level since April

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a stock exchange Beginning to trace the score below the 117 thousand mark at the beginning of the afternoon of this Tuesday, the 17th, with an emphasis on losses of 1.30% on the Nasdaq, reached a session low in New York on a negative day. If it failed to reflect the optimism of last week, when it lagged far behind with respect to overseas, Ibovespa reached the expiration of futures contracts on Wednesday, fueled not only by domestic risk sentiment, but also by a resumption of fears. put pressure on About the impact of the delta strain of coronavirus on the global economic recovery.

at 2:51 pm, Ibovespa returns 2.46% on the day’s low of 116,247.81. The B3 main index broke its lowest level since April 9, when it hit that session’s low of 117,336.12. I and Dollar updated the max, quoted at R$ 5.3036. The Ptax rate closed this Tuesday at R$5.2585, an increase of 0.17% over the previous session, when it closed at R$5.2495. New York shares extended the downside, with the S&P 500 and Nasdaq indexes retreating to the day’s lows. Automaker stocks were the main losers after a fall in US retail sales in July, driven by lower vehicle sales.

Here, the XP/Ipespe survey weighed in on investor mood, indicating that the government’s negative valuation has reached its all-time high. The reading is that the numbers could lead to even more radical or populist stances on the part of President Jair Bolsonaro, leading to increased institutional crises and financial risks. According to a survey, 54% of Brazilians rate the government as bad or very bad and 23% as good or excellent, the lowest rate ever recorded. Those regularly assessing the government add up to 20%. There is also a strong hope around a vote on income tax reform, a matter that since last week has not found an agreement that would make its progress viable.

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Investors continue to pay attention to the degree of stimulus in the US economy despite recent signs of weak activity and consumer confidence, notes Federal Reserve minutes on Wednesday afternoon. Retail sales in the United States declined 1.1% in July compared to the previous month, well above analysts’ estimates, which declined 0.3%.

Europe’s major stock exchanges closed without any sign on Tuesday. Investors monitored economic data and balance sheets of companies in the region, the progress of the delta version and the crisis in Afghanistan. The pan-European Stokes 600 index, which brings together 600 companies listed on stock exchanges across the continent, closed up a little over 0.07% at 473.78 points.

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