In action for climate, elderly women over 80 attack Magna Carta in the United Kingdom

A copy of the historical document was preserved intact and housed in the British Library in London. Duo works at an organization that promotes similar actions in protest of fossil fuel dependence. Two 80-year-old climate activists this Friday (10/05) armed with a hammer and a type of chisel attacked the glass box that contained a copy of it. Magna Carta in the British Library in London.

The historic document of 1215, considered the foundation of English independence and one of the most important in the world, being an essential precursor of modern democracy, justice and the rule of law. It was the first text to define that the king and his government were not above the law.

The antics of the two elderly women lasted just a few seconds and were soon caught by library staff. The glass was slightly damaged, but the document remained intact.

According to environmental group Just Stop Oil, 82-year-old Anglican priest Sue Parfitt and 85-year-old retired teacher Judy Bruce hit a hammer on a glass box and then glued themselves to it.

They also held a placard that read: “The government is breaking the law.”

What do the workers say?

The pair work for Just Stop Oil, an organization that protests reliance on fossil fuels and promotes environmental awareness actions. The climate action group has targeted several high-profile events and artworks in the UK.

In a statement released by the group, Parfitt said Magna Carta is “rightly revered and very important to our history, our freedoms, and our laws.” But, according to him, “there will be no freedom, no legitimacy, no rights if we allow the climate crisis to become a disaster”.

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London Metropolitan Police claims to have arrested two elderly women. The Treasures Gallery, where the item is on display, has been temporarily closed.


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