In addition to Netflix, the film ‘Madalena’ is also in the HBO Max and Mubi catalogs Jornal Mediamax

Jornal Midiamax

Produced and filmed in Mato Grosso do Sul, the film Madalena – which addresses transphobia in the interior of the state – Officially debuts this Thursday (3) in the Netflix catalogOne of the largest streaming companies in the world. But it doesn’t stop here, as the film will also hit the HBO Max and Mubi platforms.

This information was confirmed by ‘Madalena’ producer Marcos Pieri. As far as mediamax newspaperHe described how the process of entering large companies for audio-visual production took place.

“The film is distributed in Brazil by Vitrin Films, which makes these sales for channels including Netflix. The film premiered at the Rotterdam Film Festival (in the Netherlands) in February 2021 and is highly regarded worldwide, and has gone through more than 30 other festivals around the world”, he observes.

According to Pieri, the film is available on other platforms like Mubi and HBO Max, but in other countries.

“We are very happy and excited about the film’s entry into the Netflix catalog, especially knowing that the film will reach people who may have never seen it,” he says.

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Madalena has won so much space that now the team intends to air the film on closed TV channels as well. However, in the meantime officials guarantee that the film will be on Netflix for many years. “It will give people plenty of time to see and re-watch,” says the producer.


Directed by Mediano Marchetti and starring Pamela Yule, the film captures the transsexual experience in a way rarely seen in Brazilian productions. The film gained such prominence in national and international scenarios that it has already been selected for several film festivals in different countries like Portugal, Mexico, United States of America and Ukraine. With the implementation of work on Netflix, the cinema house of Mato Grosso do Sul achieves another achievement.

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The protagonist Bianca is played by Campo Grande actress Pamela Yule. She has appeared in other reports mediamax To talk about ‘Madalena’ and also what it’s like to be a trans woman in today’s society. As for the reporting team, she says it was a surprise to see the film in the Netflix catalogue.

“It was great! I found out about it through a post on a blog on LGBTQIA+ issues, where I was tagged, and I had no reaction at the time. It was a great surprise”, in Campo Grande The living actress said. Thus, ‘Madalena’ officially debuts on streaming on Thursday (3). Anyone who wishes can now set up reminders within the platform itself.

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“There is little in common between the lives of Luziano, Cristiano and Bianca other than the fact that they live in a small town surrounded by soy plantations in the midwest of Brazil. Although they do not know each other, Madalena’s missing All three are affected by being. In different parts of the city, each of them finds its own way of responding to this absence”, says the summary.

According to director Madiano Marchetti, the film Was born to consider issues specific to your area of ​​originWhat is still under-represented in cinema: northern Mato Grosso, “an area on the agricultural frontier of Brazil that has gone through many changes in the last sixty years”, he explains.

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Despite being from the “sister” state of Mato Grosso do Sul, the film was shot in the south of Mato Grosso, in the cities of Dorados, Bonito and Maracaju.

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In this way, the film tells the story of the changes that took place in these places, but with the trans universe as the guiding thread of the story. “The idea was to reflect on the specific social dynamics of my region, while focusing on the ways in which they affect the lives of people, especially those who are marginalized in general, whose existence is considered a disgrace. is seen as a ‘norm’ for part of the society”, says the director.

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