In ‘Bridgerton’ wave, ‘The Great Gatsby’ series will be made with diverse cast

In 'Bridgerton' wave, 'The Great Gatsby' series will be made with diverse cast

Big gatsby, A classic of American literature, would win a TV adaptation. The miniseries will be developed by Michael Hirst, like the name behind the period the Tudors I Vikings. The production was presented to Blake Hazard, author of the book, f. Great-grandmother will also be consulted by Scott FitzGerald (1896–1940).

According to the American press, the project will be a new version of the 1925 work, most recently cast in the cinema in 2013, with Baz Luhrmann working with Leonardo DiCaprio in the lead role. The idea is to follow the chain wave that uses the past to talk about the present, as it did Bridgerton, The attraction of Netflix, in which blacks and whites live in an egalitarian society in the early 19th century. The screenwriter stated that Hairstyle intends to explore New York’s black community in the 1920s, “digging deeper into the hidden lives of those characters, understanding the fracture of the ‘American Dream’ through a modern lens” for.” Still according to him, this lens will observe different genders, races and sexual orientations.

  • Blake, responsible for the great grandfather’s legacy, praised the idea. “For a long time I was dreaming of a more diverse and inclusive version Gatsby, Which is a more accurate reflection of the United States in which we live and all of which f. Allows to see himself in the beautiful text by Scott FitzGerald.

    The project has been in development for three years, initially to be launched at Apple. For now, the producers are still in talks with the channels to decide where the series will be shown.

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