In India, the left surprised, snatched super majority from Modi and put pressure on the far right

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The results of the Indian election are being announced this Tuesday (4). Even though the decisive vote has not been finalized, projections already indicate what the future of democracy holds in the world’s most populous country, Brazil’s fifth largest trading partner and one of the fastest growing economies on the planet.

Narendra Modi, from the Hindu right, is expected to win the election. But exit poll projections indicate that his party, the Bharatiya Janata Party (Indian People’s Party), will have a majority of over 400 seats, enough to push through constitutional reforms.

However, the outcome was different.

The victorious defeat of the left

Modi does yoga to show himself as a “true Hindu” (Photo: Reproduction/Facebook/Narendra Modi)

The Indian National Congress and its leftist alliance were able to circumvent India censorship and election surveys. They snatched more than 50 seats from Modi and brought the Lok Sabha to a near-perfect split.

Projections so far indicate 234 seats for the Congress and 290 for Modi’s BJP. A significant victory for the Congress and a yellow flag for Modi’s BJP.

If the results come out in the next few hours, it is possible that Modi or Gandhi will have to meet with minority parties to try to form a broad coalition.

Modi has already declared victory. Gandhi wants to wait for the full results. But he emerged victorious in the elections more than ever before.

The right will have enough majority to pass simple bills, but will not be able to implement big wins. The easy-going government of Modi’s second term is over, and a new term with a bigger and more powerful opposition will be the reality. This should be the mantra for a new India in the years to come.

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