In message, Pope calls for coordinated fight against climate crisis

In message, Pope calls for coordinated fight against climate crisis
Glasgow (UK), 2 November (EFE). Pope Francis on Tuesday called on the world to “coordinately” combat the environmental crisis and urged the richest countries to lead it and pay the “ecological debt” with the poorest.

The Catholic Church leader’s statements are contained in a message sent to the 26th United Nations Conference on Climate Change (COP26), which is being held in Glasgow, UK.

In a text read by Vatican Secretary of State Pietro Parolin, the Pope said: “Sadly, we must note that we are far from achieving the desired goals of tackling climate change and that we must sincerely Should say: ‘We cannot allow this.

The pontiff highlighted that humanity’s fight meant a “change of the era”, which required the commitment of all, especially the richest countries, to pay off the “ecological debts” they contracted with the poorest. asked for.

According to Francisco, the most prosperous and industrialized nations “should take a leading role in the discussion of climate finance, in decarbonizing the economic system and people’s lives, as well as promoting the circular economy and supporting the most vulnerable countries”.

This, according to the leader of the Catholic Church, would represent “a true conversion, individual, but community” toward a “more integral and integrated” development model.

Frésisco, who devoted his 2015 second encyclopedia “Laudato si” to the issue, said that “special care” in this work should be taken with the most vulnerable populations, with which “an ecological debt” had arisen, Which is due to the “trade imbalance” between the rich and the poor.

According to Pope, this situation entails environmental consequences, due to the disproportionate use of natural resources from a single country or third parties.

“We can’t deny it”, guaranteed the leader of the Catholic Church in a message sent to COP26.

In addition, the Pope addressed external debt contracted by states with foreign entities, “the pressure of which complicates the development of the people.”

“All of these aspects should be taken into account and started after the pandemic, starting with carefully negotiating processes to cancel external debt, linked to a more sustainable and fair economic structure, aimed at the climate emergency. have to face”, said Francisco.

“It is essential that developed countries contribute to solving the ecological debt, significantly limit the consumption of non-renewable energy, and promote sustainable development policies and programs for the countries most in need of resources,” he said. Contribute.”

Finally, the Pope said that there is “no time to wait” as the climate crisis is already causing suffering among the population, especially for children. Furthermore, he assured that, “soon, the number of environmental migrants will be greater than those fleeing conflicts.”

“It is necessary to act urgently, with courage and responsibility”, concluded Francisco, who told COP26 attendees that he did not attend the conference in person “because it was not possible”. EFE

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