In the United States, the film Pelotens won the award. culture and entertainment

In the United States, the film Pelotens won the award.  culture and entertainment

Actor Wagner Vargas is the protagonist (Photo: Divulgao – DP)

After screening at one of Asia’s biggest film festivals earlier this year, the film Ju Sims Lopez Neto’s Last Address Attended the Latino and Native American Film Festival (LANAFF) between April and May in the city of New Haven, Connecticut, United States. Pelotus Productions received a Special Jury Award with Honorable Mention for the quality of the story presented and the performance in this work.

LANAFF has been in existence for over 12 years, innovative in promoting cultural diversity through the exhibition of feature films, documentaries, short films and animations. In addition, the festival has become a major event that also includes other artistic expressions about films made by or in these countries by Latinos and Native Americans, even if they are not related by identity or cultural characteristics. The festival has helped introduce the North American community to outstanding artistic, social, political and entertainment film projects that are being created by contemporary filmmakers, and many of them outside the mainstream media stream.

The film Gacho, made in pellets, despite being a work of fiction, the name of the author Ju Sims Lopes Neto has been carried not only to other regions of Brazil and to various countries on other continents, but also to this author’s history and a little bit of culture, the viewer in these contexts. are unfamiliar with. The work, with a script by Manoel Magalez and directed by Mircio Kinzewski, has already been to several film festivals in 2021, such as: Rio International Monthly Awards (RIMA), Make Art Not Fear Film Festival, Horror Unleashed Short Film Festival, Alter Do Cho Film Festival, 6th Santos Film Festival – Santos International Film Festival, Literature On Screen Festival, Mostra Junho Fanastico / Mostra [Em]Short Films, Independent Film Festival of the Northeast (Myson On), Film Festival from Mostra/Sp. Production from Pelotus began in 2022 with participation in the Artifact Film Festival (India) and now, in LANAFF (USA).

Apart from this award, now in the United States, the quality of this film has attracted great attention from the organisers, curators, selection committees, judges and audiences of these various film festivals around the world. This fact also earned him awards and nominations for awards, such as, for example, at RIMA 2021 (@rimawards): Best Actor Award (Wagner Vargas), Best Screenplay Award (Manoel Magalhees), Best Costume Award (G Fonseca and Andrea Earth). In addition to the following nominations for the awards: Best Film, Best Poster, Best Direction (Murcio Kinzski), Best Makeup and Character Illustration (Gutto Pereira). In addition to these awards, actor Wagner Vargas and screenwriter Manoel Magalez were also nominated for the RIMA 2021 Best of the Year Awards in their respective categories.

The film’s international success is also guaranteed by its cast, which includes Wagner Vargas, Roberta Pires Rangel, Hakin Mhukli and Clemente Viscano, who give life to important characters who propose reflection and the works of Ju Sims Lopes Neto. establish relationship with. Despite the recognition the film received in Brazil and other countries, in movie theaters, in other cities of Pelotas and Rio Grande do Sul, the directors noted that it had not yet received an invitation to be screened. “Furthermore, despite being respected and highly praised in other regions at home and abroad, the film has not yet received the attention of the selection committees of film festivals held in southern Brazil. Coincidence or not, we are also about the type. can imagine the situation when we see the story told in Ju Sims Lopez Neto’s Last AddressVerifying how this artist from Pelotus was treated by society in his time and how he treats his local artists today.”

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Technical Data:

Film page on Facebook:

the product:ZESKI Films (Mrcio Kinzeski) and ARTPEL (represented by Srgio Bizarro)

I say:marcio kinzeczyk

Road Map:Manoel Soares Mugglehas

Executive Producer: Mariline Quintanilha


Wagner Vargas – Ju Sims Lopez Neto

Clemente Viscano – Colonel Pedro Osrio

Roberta Pires Rangel – Melpmene

HakeenMhucale – a character representing a man who was a slave in the 19th century

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