Ina Garton describes 1 material ‘most people misuse’ and how to use it properly.

In her capacity as a food network star, cookbook writer, and well-known chef, Ina knows a thing or two (or 200) about cooking a garden.

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As the host Barefoot ContessaThe 72-year-old suggests to simplify the cooking process. The substance that is said to be misused is probably the most common ingredient found in the kitchen.

Ina Garton says people often misuse salt

In 2018, Barefoot Contessa took the Bon appetit inside their Hampton. Garten shared his pantry staples and revealed that salt was misused a lot of the time in his opinion.

“One of the things that most people misuse is salt,” he said. “It’s really important in both sweets and food. You have to Use Perfect for the right occasion. ”

So keeping the kitchen with some kind of salt doesn’t cut it. Garten says that different types of salt give a bowl different things.

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Suggestions for using Barefoot Contessa salt

There are many types of salt and there are gardens. She suggests having three varieties on hand to cover each prescription. The first is kosher salt.

“For cooking, I use diamond crystal kosher salt, and it’s always perfect,” she said.

Ina Garten smiles as she cooks on season 66 of 'Today'
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When she wants to use salt as the final touch of a bowl, she uses either Flair de Celle or Maldon sea salt flakes.

“But when I want to get rid of the salt, I use Flair de Celle, which is a French sea salt, and it’s just the shiny type, or Maldon English flake salt,” Garton said. “When I’m washing the eggs and brushing the top of the pot pie, a little sprinkling of that fruity salt makes it a little crispy. It’s absolutely delicious. ”

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The three types of salt may sound great but take it from the garden, salt can make or break a bowl.

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Ina Garten reminds people of their food season

The famous chef first talked about the importance of salt. As mentioned earlier, he shared some of his cooking knowledge Kitchen Before releasing her cookbook, Barefoot Contessa: Cook like a pro, In 2018.

Garten emphasized the importance of cooking with salt and pepper. However, he acknowledged that it was a difficult process.

“Most people make the biggest mistake of sowing salt and pepper butter. They don’t use it, ”he said. “Every recipe tastes seasonal. But you don’t know what it should taste like, so how do you guess what it should taste like? “

“Seasonal makes a big difference in a recipe,” he continued.

“If you have a stock of chicken that is not well prepared, it tastes like dirty dish water!” Garten said. “So if you add salt to it, you will taste chicken, vegetables, and herbs.”

Remember not to skip the salt. And before you add it to any bowl, consider Garten’s tips on how to use salt.

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