India leaves the peace of the Amazon to fulfill a dream in the hustle and bustle of Rio: “Vasco embraces my story” | Vasco

India leaves the peace of the Amazon to fulfill a dream in the hustle and bustle of Rio: "Vasco embraces my story" |  Vasco

Joseon Bandeira da Silva was many in his 27 years of life. Four years ago in Rio de Janeiro, Vasco In order to fulfill the dream of becoming India and being a football player, Jose or Jose in the interior of the Amazon stopped raising Jose or Jose, which was already dormant in the heart of Girl of Misao, a community consisting of about 80 The families are located in the town of Tefe. ,

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India with Captain Vasco’s armband. Photo: Matthias Lima/Vasco

This International Women’s Day, India looks back and is proud of the struggle it faced today at the Father and Sister Heart Club, one of the largest clubs in the country. Today, he remembers the butterflies in his stomach with the same intensity he felt when he first set foot in So Januario. If she had the opportunity to turn professional at only 23 years old, the Amazonian woman sees her 11-year-old daughter Nicole taking the opposite path. With her mother in Rio since last year, the girl studies and trains Vasco,

– It’s great to be with my daughter, she had the opportunity to do it quickly, following these steps, on a good basis, and that’s what I wish for other girls. I always tell her to appreciate it, because thousands of girls want to be in this place and support it. hey Vasco Hug me, embrace my story, a club that truly welcomes all – said in conversation with India GEand added:

– These days I was thinking about dreams, and everything I dreamed came true. I have a family, I managed to buy my house, now the goal is to join the national team, this is a dream not only for me, but also for other girls who want to play football. When I get there, I can retire, go fish, live in my net (laughs).

The joke has a real basis. A graduate in Fisheries Production Technology and Orthopedic Immobilization Technician, India has inhabited the throngs of Rio, but wants to return to the serenity of the interior of the Amazon in the near future. The third eldest of the ten children of Jose and Carmen, the player of Vasco She was introduced to football by her father and a brother and excelled in the women’s futsal team at the school where she studied.

– I’m very domestic, I was raised fishing in the countryside, so I’m going back, I’m going to have my own fish, but that’s in the future. I miss my land so much, it’s too crowded here, another world – they highlighted.

India with parents and daughter Nicole on graduation day — Photo: Personal archive

By the age of 23, the athlete devoted himself to futsal. With Manaus by boat from Tefe for three days, India looked unlikely to go to trial in clubs in the Amazon capital. He began to think about it when he got the interest of Edson Galdino, a great supporter of women’s football, former CEPE coach Duc de Caixius and four-time champion Carioca Feminino. He passed away earlier this year.

– My husband was from Barracks and had a friend who was Coach Edson’s nephew, who saw and liked me playing, but I was already 23 and I hadn’t even thought of auditioning. I finished college and technical courses, I had nothing to do for a while, and my husband encouraged me. I have always dreamed of playing games, my sister Jenny and I used to play interviews, I am fulfilling that dream too.

In face and courage, the Amazonian got on a plane for the first time in her life, going to Rio de Janeiro, where she still didn’t know anyone. Edson welcomed her and stayed at the coach’s house, from whom she got the nickname India. As for the Duc de Caixius, she was the runner-up in Rio in 2018 and grabbed everyone’s attention Vasco The following year, in a game against Hill’s girls.

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India, daughter and husband in Rio de Janeiro – Photo: Personal archive

So entered the life of the side, Cruz de Malta, an old acquaintance of the family, who moved to So Januario in 2020. Vasco managed to reorganize and bring up her daughter, Nicole, who had been living with her family in Tefe. Today, she has her own home in Nova Iguaçu, where she lives with her husband, Jose. The career choice left India behind close ties with her parents, who live in a community with no phone signal and therefore don’t talk often.

– The first difficulty was getting on a plane, I went without anyone, with my head racing. Another difficulty was the food, the black beans from the Carioca (laughs), the weather and the hustle. There are two seasons: hot and hot. The training was also difficult, the routine was heavy, tactically and technically conducive, I had never worked only with football, but it is a job I love, fun with responsibility – said India, further advice Gave:

– We must always believe in potential, seek “yes”, because we women, especially, are “no” all the time, because they think we are fragile, there is always someone to say that we won’t achieve it. It’s about working hard, praying and acting, getting out of bed and doing your best.

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India in action for Vasco against Fluminense – Photo: Matthias Lima / Vasco

In its third season with the key shirt VascoThe side sees traces of growth in the team, which has already hired nine reinforcements in these first months of 2022. With a focus on Brasileirao Feminino’s A1 series, India celebrate a strong signing for the edge of the field: former player Pritinha, who also defended the Brazilian team, is Modality’s new technical assistant.

– Preetinha comes at an excellent time to engage a very humble person. We are approaching her directly, an open channel of communication, she comes and suggests different ways of making plays. She also joins in the fun, it’s an honor to work with her – The Finale of India.

Training for the women’s team takes place at the Villa Olímpica de Caxias, Artsul and So Januario. In 2022, Wasiwith In addition to the Carioca Championship in the second half, Brasileiro will compete again in the A2 Series, starting on 21 May.

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