India needs to strike a deal with Bangladesh to stop anti-Hindu activities: PPFA


GUWAHATI: Expressing serious concern about the serious attacks on Hindu villagers and temples in Bangladesh, a Nationalist Citizens’ Forum based in Northeast India has urged the central government in New Delhi to hold talks with the Bangladeshi government in Dhaka.

In a statement issued on 9 August, the Patriotic People’s Front Assam (PPFA, or Patriotic People’s Front of Assam) Forum noted that every patriotic Bangladeshi citizen fought for independence against British colonial rule and later against brutal Pakistani forces. . Bengalis also had to face difficult attainment of their independence. Therefore, all Bangladeshi compatriots, regardless of religious beliefs, have the right to a dignified life, and the government of the Sheikh Hasina-led People’s League of Bangladesh in Dhaka has an obligation to guarantee security to every minority in the nation. . South Asian Forum announced.

In the most recent and disturbing episode, a group of criminals ransacked six temples, vandalized several idols and looted shops and houses of Hindu families in Shyali, Rupsa Upazila village in Khulna on Saturday.

The procession started with the procession of devotees from Poorva Para temple to Shiyali Maha cremation period. As Hindu women passed through a monastery chanting kirtan, a form of devotional singing, the priest of that monastery challenged the path of the procession.

This sparked a heated argument between Hindu devotees and Muslim clerics. Later, a group of Islamists went to Shiyali village at night and desecrated the temples where the idols were. Other private property was also destroyed by the vandals.

“Bangladesh cannot forget the contribution of the Indian Army during its independence movement against the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. After independence, Bongobondhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman ensured equal opportunities for all Bengali compatriots, regardless of religion or caste. This principle should not be weakened by the fear of fundamentalists”, the PPFA said.

The PPFA statement also said that when Bangladesh emerged in 1971, every citizen of the Muslim-majority country was identified as a Bengali-speaking countryman. However, recent events prove that the unique linguistic identity has also failed to provide the necessary social security to the religious minorities in the country.

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Translated from English by Joo Paulo Salvatori, modified by Laura Zanetti.

Nava J. Thakuria
Journalist based in Guwahati, Essen, India.

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