India: Varvara Rao received unfair conditions for his release

India: Varvara Rao received unfair conditions for his release

We echo with people an important note from the Brazilian Center for Solidarity for People (Sebrapasso) in which it lays out another reactionary bluff against the poet Varavara Rao from the old Indian state.

Complaint is complete:

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According to Veerasam president Aravali Krishna, Kavi Varvara Rao, the founding member of the Association of Revolutionary Writers, got temporary bail due to health reasons, but the circumstances are unfair: they cannot leave Bombay and live with their relatives. It is like a house arrest.

Varavar Rao, jailed for two and a half years in Maharashtra, is alleged to have participated in the alleged conspiracy in the Bhima-Kargene rebellion, his condition is critical. All over the world, intellectuals, writers, artists, organizations and various political parties of Indian society have demanded his release in view of the age of health.

Despite all efforts to keep the poet Varavara Rao under house arrest, the possibility of his release so that he could take care of his health weakened from old age and the poor condition of the dungeon of the old Indian state came to light only after an intense struggle. For national solidarity and international.

A recent report by American forensic firm Arsenal in the Bhima Koregaon case concluded that the allegations made by the police were made and that the evidence they showed was smuggled into the suspects’ computers. This revelation calls for the immediate release of 16 people who were illegally detained in the case. Stan Swamy and Sudha Bhardwaj, who are testing with Varvara Rao, have serious health problems. The revelation also requires that Saibaba, who suffers from Kovid with many other health problems, receives immediate bail and seeks better treatment.

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