Indian space agency reveals observations

Surya is going through turbulent days. Solar storms, coronal mass ejections and the aurora borealis on Earth are just some of the events involving the star in recent weeks.

All space agencies in the world are tracking solar activity, but the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) has taken the lead in releasing its first observations collected through space missions and ground stations.

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India’s findings on solar storms

Among ground stations, ISRO reported that its Thumba Rocket Launch Base, which is part of the Indian Network for Space Weather Impact Monitoring, recorded a 100% increase in total electron content compared to the previous day.

In space, the Aditya-L1 solar observatory and Chandrayaan-2 mission also visualized solar storms.

Aditya-L1 is ISRO’s first mission to observe the Sun and landed where it is today in January this year to capture the latest solar storms. Some of the mission’s instruments participated in the observations.

For example, the Aditya Solar Wind Particle Experiment (ASPEX) collected data on high-speed solar wind, high-temperature plasma, and ion flux during the past few days of activity. The mission’s two X-ray instruments captured large peaks in the light curve during last week’s X- and M-class solar flares.

The Chandrayaan-2 mission, initially responsible for studying the Moon, proved that it is not just for that. The X-ray Solar Monitor (XSM) observed an increase in X-rays from solar flares and high-energy particles in the region.

Artistic representation of a mega-powerful explosion on the Sun (Image: Allons/Shutterstock)

What is this data for?

Indian space instruments and missions will continue to monitor and collect data about the Sun space.comThis will help Starr’s studies in the coming weeks and months.

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what is happening on the sun

In recent weeks, digital look Reporting solar activity. View summary:

  • By late March, the Sun was producing extremely powerful solar flares which, at the time, reached orbit X1. Geomagnetic storms reach Earth in the following days (read here);
  • Driven by the star’s hyperactive region, the sunspot caused eruptions over the coming weeks;
  • Earlier this year, ten solar outbursts occurred in just 12 hours, eight of which were moderate and two were strong, making it one of the most severe solar storms in the last 20 years (read here);
  • The ejection of coronal mass from the Sun toward Earth caused an unusual “display” of aurora in the sky (read here);
  • In recent times, this hyperactive group of sunspots has given rise to several other extreme eruptions, including Class Some places on Earth, such as Australia and East Asia, have reported complete blackouts of radio waves due to the impacts (read here).

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