Indonesia, the United States, Russia and Slovenia win the World Cup stage of the Sport Scale

Indonesia, the United States, Russia and Slovenia win the World Cup stage of the Sport Scale

sport scale world cup This Saturday (3) was another stop. This time the new Olympic sport was present Villars, Switzerland. At that time, the United States, Indonesia, Russia and Slovenia won and won the gold medal. Lead E Speed.

no incident of Speed, both men’s and women’s competitions were almost completely dominated by Russia and Indonesia. in russian woman, Ekaterina Barashchuki was the champion, beating her compatriots – and future Olympic athletes – Yulia Kaplin, in the final. bronze polished Patrickja Chudziak.

In men, the current world record holder for the event, Indonesian leonardo vedrickWon, again, a stage of the World Cup this year. Dmitry Timofeev, from Russia, took silver. while kiromal katibina, from Indonesia, took the bronze by defeating another Russian in the decision.

In Lead Competitions, Incredible Janja Garnbrette, from Slovenia, conquered another stage. followed by the italian, Laura Rogora and from american Natalia Grossman, respectively. in men, North American, Sean Bailey I Colin Duffy, took gold and bronze respectively. German got silver Alexander Magos.

IFSC also has two World Cup stages in its calendar, Before the start of the Olympic Games. both will be in place french clay and shall be intended only for the events of Lead.

Photo: Reproduction / Lena Drapella / IFSC

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