Influenza cases in children increased by 500% in Australia – Revista Cresser

Influenza cases in children increased by 500% in Australia - Revista Cresser

Australia is facing a rapid increase in flu cases, especially among children. according to this daily mail, a 500% increase in pediatrics reported at the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne. In March, there were only 16 cases and in the last fortnight, there were 120.

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Influenza cases have increased among children in Australia (Photo: Andrea Piacquadio/Pexels)

Some groups of health professionals, such as pharmacists and epidemiologists, have called on officials to study lowering the age for vaccination against influenza, in an effort to reduce cases and, consequently, care in the nation’s emergency services. Be a hindrance

At present, according to mail australiaIn the country, the flu vaccine is given only to children above the age of 10 years. Here in Brazil, babies from 6 months old already receive the antibody. The Australian government has received advice and said it is studying possible changes.

“The vaccines we have this year are a good combination and have been shown to be effective in preventing circulating strains of flu,” said epidemiologist Katherine Bennett, a professor at Deakin University who leads the Pharmacy Guild’s call. Support, the Association of Pharmacists, to allow small children to be vaccinated. “Everyone should be vaccinated early, including babies as young as six months old. Ultimately the goal is to prevent people from entering the hospital and protect them from complications that could land them in the ICU or worse. ,

According to the professor, the two years of the pandemic, coupled with social isolation, also prevented new strains of flu from entering the country, which would have “inhibited” people’s natural immunity. “Two years of isolation prevented the Northern Hemisphere winter forms from spreading to Australia. Social distancing measures also had some effect. This means we were not exposed to these diseases and the result is that our The level of immunity has dropped,” he explained.

Bennett also assessed that, as temperatures drop, people tend to spend more time together indoors, which also favors the transmission of the virus. In addition to increasing the group receiving vaccinations, their recommendation is to follow the precautions to be taken to avoid infection by covid-19: avoid piling up, wear a mask, sanitize hands and so on, among others. Use gel alcohol. ,

According to the newspaper, Australia also reported an increase in cases of COVID-19, but nothing compared to the start of the year at the height of infections by the Omicron edition. Other common viruses that cause respiratory problems, such as rhinovirus and influenza, also increased in circulation, leading to overcrowding in emergency rooms.

Local health officials urge parents to only take their children to the emergency room if necessary. Before that, there is recommendation that they should try to contact the pediatrician, pharmacist or nurse on duty.

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