Initially, music critics looked like fools for the bashing oasis classic ‘Morning Glory’.


The Oasis composer suggested that music journalists seemed foolish to criticize his 1995 album, which later became the greatest album of all time.

Noel Gallagher Sure OasisThe third album, “Come Here Now”, garnered rave reviews from the British media because music journalists don’t want to look like idiots again after criticizing the classic. “(What is the story) The glory of the morning?“.

The 1995 release was picked up by the press but became the largest album ever, and Gallagher believes “now be here” benefited from so-called foolish music writers.

“It didn’t get a good review, I don’t think … I was hoping it wouldn’t get good results …,” about “Morning Glory” in the Noel album’s new 25th anniversary document. Says, “Return to Rockfield“.” They were actually on the verge of knocking death for the band. ”

“It simply came to our notice then that as journalists, they really knew everything. They had to guess everything after Morning Glory, because they thought it was so wrong. That’s why when the beer comes here. Came out, which is not a good album., It gets 10 out of 10 everywhere … because they didn’t want to look like D ** KC again, and they were, because this album is for Morning Glory. Not half. After that, they hated us right., Because they didn’t understand us. ”

“In the end people decide … people decide what’s hot and people decide what’s not and that’s it – the end!”

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In the documentary, Noel rejoined the guitar that recorded the Aussie classic “Wonderwall”. He clearly gave it to sound engineer Nick Bryan, “So that’s what I played on Vanderwall. F ** King Hell, you Jamie B ** Tard. It will be a lot of pounds one day.” I have to give up the guitar, I have to. ‘

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