Instagram created button to send message on WhatsApp; Understand

Instagram created button to send message on WhatsApp;  Understand

The functionality is intended to facilitate interaction between consumers and brands directly in Messenger. Know the details.

Instagram has a . Make new feature Which allows users to add a button to their profile with a direct link to WhatsApp. The purpose of this function is to facilitate the interaction between customers and stores. The functionality is available in versions for iOS and Android devices.

This feature ensures that people interested in a product contact the store and interact directly in the Instagram window. That is, adding a contact on a cell phone, with a chat in Messenger outside of Instagram.

The button can be used by regular profiles and business accounts that want to provide WhatsApp alternatives As a contact with your followers. Distribution, then, requires the profile owner to add the contact number written in the description.

Until now, commercial profiles only had the option of a “message” button, which automatically opens a conversation with a Facebook account via Direct, or “E-mail”, or Ads Manager.

How to link Instagram to WhatsApp?

Those who wish to use this feature are required to go through an authentication process, in which Instagram sends a verification code per message for the feature to be issued to the profile.

see respectively to follow:

  1. Access your user profile and select the “Edit” option;
  2. Then click on the option “Contact Options”;
  3. Select the option “WhatsApp”, which will give you access to the configuration page of the resource;
  4. Enter your WhatsApp number and click the “Send Code” button;
  5. Within seconds you will receive the code via text message;
  6. Enter the number sequence received by the message to link WhatsApp to the “Insert Code” location;
  7. Go to “Profile View” and keep the option “Display Contact Information” active;
  8. Press “Finish” to save the changes to your profile.

To see WhatsApp link button on Instagram go to user profile and click on contact. Soon after, a link to start a conversation on WhatsApp will appear on the profile. Just click the button to start a conversation.

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