Instagram will prevent adults from sending messages to minors who do not follow them. Technology

Instagram will prevent adults from sending messages to minors who do not follow them.  Technology

instagram Tuesday (16) announced new facilities and security policies for minors. From now on, Adults will not be able to send messages to teenagers who do not follow them.

While attempting this, users will receive a notification informing them that the direct messaging feature is not available. Updates are effective all over the world.

The social network claims that the resource uses the age and artificial intelligence stated at the time of registration to infer whether the information is correct or not.

According to the application policies, you must have At least 13 years to create an account.

In conversations between minors 18 and adults, Instagram may appear Message that warns of “potentially suspicious behavior”. This notification will give you the option to directly block or report accounts in chat.

If an adult has ‘suspicious behavior’, he may be warned and may stop it. – Photo: Disclosure / Instagram

According to a statement, to identify suspicious behavior, Instagram will consider accounts trying to send or send messages to multiple minors.

The company said it would test ways to make it harder for adults who perform this behavior to find minors in the “Tips for You” tool, indicating the accounts to follow.

Teen users will also be invited and make their profiles private when they sign up – and if they decide to keep their profile public, a message will “highlight the benefits of a private account”.

Instagram will encourage minors to make the account private. – Photo: Playback / Instagram

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