IPhone is saved after 30 days of drowning in the lake and working again – 03/27/2021

IPhone is saved after 30 days of drowning in the lake and working again - 03/27/2021

Take one down Cell In the river or in the lake, practically losing the device is sure, isn’t it? It was more or less a story that happened to a Canadian woman, but with a happy ending.

Angie Carriere of Saskatoon City was celebrating her 50th birthday with family and friends on a fishing trip to Lake Wasaciu. On that occasion, Iphone 11 of it fell into the water.

In statements published on Wednesday (24) by the channel CTV News website, Angie reported that she dropped the device into the water after a problem in the tents that sheltered guests on the frozen lake. Trying to grab the tent, he let go of his cell phone, which fell through a hole in the ice and ended up at the bottom of the lake. The crystal clear water allowed her to access the phone, without reaching it.

Despite the frustration, the Canadians did not give up and returned to the site 30 days later. Armed with a fish finder (a type of underwater camera) and a magnet attached to a fishing line, he wanted to retrieve the device – according to Angie, to introduce it to Apple and a new cell Try exchanging for phone.

After a day of searching and trying, she is able to find the iPhone and save it. Surprisingly, he returned to work normally after spending a month submerged in the lake’s low temperatures.

The only problem, she said, was that the camera was a bit blurred – which naturally ended up resolving itself. “There’s nothing on the phone that isn’t working, it’s unbelievable,” he said.

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An expert heard by CTV News described the device’s resistance as an exception. For Curtis Paradis, the cell phone will have maximum resistance for only 30 minutes before suffering permanent damage.

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