Is the cold in Australia a sign for our winter?

Is the cold in Australia a sign for our winter?

The cold in Australia brought a sequence of cold nights to the city of Sydney as was not seen in half a century in May. Torsten Blackwood / AFP / Metsul Weather

The cold was intense in Australia last week, with historical markings for an extended sequence of days of low temperatures. According to the Australian Bureau of Meteorology (Well), A cold wave in eastern Australia caused the city of Sydney to record the longest The sequence Cold nights since 1967

Indeed, with a minimum recorded at 8.6ºC on Thursday in the city of the state of New South Wales, it was five consecutive days with a minimum below 9ºC, which has not occurred since May 1967, when there were six consecutive days of low lows. Of. Still according to BoM, it was the order of the most untimely cold night since 1955.

Temperatures in other areas of Australia fell to below 7.5ºC below zero and further from the coast, as well as frost in many places in New South Wales and Queensland. An even lower level is forecast to begin in the region this week.

Cold in Australia a sign for us?

The cold in Australia can be an indication for the climate of South Brazil and South America. The atmosphere behaves in waves and long wave patterns are those that induce cool air intrusion. Thus, if a more intense and persistent atmospheric freezing pattern is established in Oceania, it may have an impact on the other side of the Pacific in South America. In fact, observational analyzes suggest that much colder events occur in Australia and New Zealand earlier than about ten to fifteen days of cold episodes in the southern cone of the Americas.

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The year 195 was the last time that there was such a sequence of cold days in Sydney. This does not mean that it is a clear indication that it will be repeated, after all, analogous years are a reference and not a forecast, but that the year of a ferocious cold wave in late July in 1955 and early August in southern Brazil. Is remembered in form. .

This was the episode that brought the record of the official minimum of the Rio Grande do Sul, in addition to much snow in the southern part of the Brazilian region. On August 1, 1955, Bom Jesus was minus 9.8ºC, the minimum. Had an official record of Climatology Gaucho

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