It is illegal to use a VPN to watch Netflix #rumor

It is illegal to use a VPN to watch Netflix #rumor

Rumor – It is illegal to use a VPN to watch Netflix.

It is curious that the age of cable TV has given way to streaming without us realizing it. Today, the “channels” we watch are known as Netflix, Disney+, HBO Max, Amazon Prime, but being able to watch almost anything at any time is a huge advantage of streaming, for other countries. The great variability of the K Catalog may or may not be a hindrance, as you can use it to your advantage today.

With a simple VPN extension for Netflix, you can access other international catalogs on the platform and watch movies and series that are no longer (or still are) available in Brazil.

In case you didn’t know, Netflix’s catalog, especially for titles older than ten years and not created by platform, varies greatly from country to country. Should an unexpected takedown ruin your next marathon, you just need to verify that the production in question is still available in another country served by Netflix.

If you’re lucky, you can simulate being in the US, UK or Japan, and watch a series or movie taken from a Brazilian catalog without much effort. Simply install a VPN extension that is compatible with Netflix and activate it when you access the platform. Simple, isn’t it? There’s only one question: Is it illegal to enable a VPN for Chrome while using Netflix?

Is it illegal to use a VPN to watch Netflix?

Anywhere in the world where it is allowed to use the VPN extension for Chrome, you can activate it whenever you want to watch your favorite series and movies without any worries. This means that unless you live in countries like China, Russia, and Iran, you have every right to use any VPN of your choice. If you live in Brazil be 100% calm.

And if you are wondering whether Netflix prohibits the use of VPNs in conjunction with the platform, don’t even worry. In the context of Netflix use, it has been stipulated that you should use your account “preferably” in the country in which you created it. The main issue is the licensing of third-party content, which is often not done (or renewed) for certain regions. Either way, you won’t be breaking Netflix rules (or laws!) if you use it with a free Chrome VPN.

Now that you know how to use a VPN to watch Netflix and it’s okay to do so, be aware that there are many extensions that do not work in conjunction with the site. But for your convenience, VeePN is Netflix-friendly. You will be able to access content from Netflix (and other streaming services) available in Brazil with complete security. In addition, this extension will help you protect your browsing from attacks and attacks.

By the way, do you know how it is possible? VPN is short for “Virtual Private Network” in English because these types of extensions create a kind of unique tunnel in which all your data travels without contact with the rest of the Internet. also a vpn Temporarily exchange your IP address for an IP hosted on a server in another region of the planet. That way, you become untraceable and on top of that, pretend you’re in a country where the Netflix content you want to watch is available.

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