‘It was probably a match’: New rule decisive in BBL opener

Storm BBL | Throwing defending champs in 10 openers

It took just one game to change a controversial KFC BBL rule, with ‘Power Surgery’ deciding the outcome of the opening match of the new season on Thursday night.

Daniel Higgins jokingly said that his beating Sydney Sixers had been able to take the lead at the top of the ladder by winning the first ‘Bash Boost’ point, but it was a change in the rules of power play that he The defeat had the biggest impact. Hurricane Hobart.

The start of the power surge saw the opening power play shortened from six to four overs at the start of the innings, allowing batsmen to choose the team when they want to use the other two (consecutive) overs when only two fielders are out. 30-yard roundabouts are allowed.

The extra flexibility played perfectly into the hands of the storm when he lost both openers in the first seven balls of the game and scored just 18 runs in his first four overs.

The hosts were able to regroup in the half-overs and when Tim David and Colin Ingram appeared early in the 15th over, they scored 25 off 12 balls to complete the field.

While Ingram was also dismissed during this time, he started David’s innings as the right-handed batsman scored 58 off just 33 balls to take Hobart to a match-winning 8-178.

Hurricane and David’s signing penalty destroys the Sixers by fifty.

“We were at a stage in the game where we had to continue and (using the power surge at the time) came for us,” said David, who won the Player of the Match honor in his first game. Done. After crossing the Hobart Perth Scorchers. “We passed by.

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“It’s exciting and gives the middle-order batsmen a slight advantage to go back in the innings.”

The Sixers scored 18 runs from their power surgery in the 12th and 13th overs, but soon after they lost key man James Vince, who said fielding restrictions had actually hampered their pursuit. Were.

Classy Vince is high for the Sixers with a half-century

Vince told Fox Cricket: “We thought that if we took it we could go down in the game by lowering the (required run rate), but in reality it had the opposite effect,” Vince told Fox Cricket. . “They bowled well and we couldn’t really get rid of them, then we lost some momentum.”

Sixers batsman Jorn Silk revealed that the teams were able to score 50 runs in two power surge overs during the latest practice match between the BBL teams.

Cricket Australia’s BBL adviser Trent Woodhill, who has received a mixed response from players and pundits, an architect who changed the rules, indicated that the goal worked out the goal (at least for storms). Based on the loss of wickets in the first four overs, only 147 and the highest score is 176.

Although a sample size is too small to justify single game changes, it undoubtedly added an extra tactical aspect to some of the interest in Thursday’s match.

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Silk said she is a fan of the new rules, and the use of power surgery storms has been significant in the outcome of the game.

“Especially for the storms, he really picked up speed from his batting innings when he was in a bit of trouble early on,” Silk told reporters.

“We actually had two sets of batsmen (in the batting innings of the sixes) and we almost lost momentum during that time after Power (Serge) and we can’t pull it back at all. He seemed to hit every yorker and he actually bowled after Power Surge.

Stunning boundary-line leap to save ‘Superman’ Silk Six

“It’s an interesting concept. There are a few different principles on how to bowl, who to bowl to, but it was clearly the team that did well with it.

“It’s interesting when you’re chasing runs. You can see the run rate go up. During the mid overs you want, ‘Geez, it’s going to be nine, 10 (required runs per over). ) ‘And usually you’ d panic.

“But you go, ‘No, it’s okay, we’ve got this power surgery’, so it’s definitely a different dynamic that knows him as a middle-order batsman that these two overs are going to happen.

“In practice games I’ve seen them go to 45 or 50. They (Storms) proved tonight how important it is … maybe it was the same match.”

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