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South Korea has it all! First BTS and now the sensational happening Netflix series, “Round 6” (Squid Game), gave international fans a glimpse of traditional Korean games like Red Light, Green Light, Marble Game and more. The first game in the series is called “ddakjji”, in which two players take turns flipping their opponent’s folded origami paper. However, in the series, it involves slapping your opponent if you score a point.

However, before talking about the series, J-Hope published a photo and ARMY said they were “fascinated” by it. In the publication he says: “I miss you ARMYs.”


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(Photo: Reproduction)

Thus, one fan commented: “I miss you too, J-Hope! But what photo is this? Does it feel like I’m being sucked into this image? I feel trapped in this image.” I’ve been.”

With that, a Cena asked BTS’s J-Hope if he had ever seen “Round 6” and his answer was: “Do you want to play ‘dakji’ with me?”

Here’s a look at how the ARMYs reacted:

ARMY was pleased that J-Hope watched the series as it featured traditional Korean games, which BTS often plays in Run BTS.

J-Hope, from BTS, responds to Brazilian fan’s statement in Portuguese!

Hobie saw Brazil! This Thursday (7), a Brazilian fan sent a message to J-Hope from BTS, via Weavers – a massive platform aimed at bringing fans closer to their idols. In the message, he wrote, ‘I love you, hobie! Full of purple hearts, he was soon followed by J-Hope, who responded with a warm “I love you” and yes, in Portuguese!

Eye How not to lie!

(Photo: Reproduction/Wavers)

This cute answer from Hobie made this Army day, even with emoji! Other fans commented proudly of his language and expressed how they would like to be noticed by BTS as well.

BTS: Jin responds to fans and claims filming the group’s new project

BTS boys are so accessible! This Friday (8), Jin responded to a fan on Twitter and, as a bonus, released an update about the group’s future projects. Imagine being answered by your biggest idol, right?

Fan asked: “Jijin, what are you doing? I miss you, save me!”. Then Jin replied with full affection: “We are currently filming and recording. Please don’t die”, let him go. So, it’s more than clear that there’s a new album or mini-album out there. It’s really not new. In May, V already talked about it: “We’re producing songs, producing an album, and preparing to bring better music to ARMY“, he said.

This means that the project is really moving forward. If in May they were still “preparing”. Now they are in the process of recording the songs. Obviously, some have already happened, as Jin indicated that he is already recording the clip. Comes from a string of BTS hits that raised #1 on the Billboard Hot 100. They are “Butter”, “Permission to Dance” and “My Universe”, the latter with Coldplay.

BTS: Jimin reveals he has an unexpected illness

On a recent live stream, BTS’ Jimin shared a fact about himself that some fans didn’t know: He has a disease. But calm down, we’ll explain. One fan wanted to know if Jimin was planning on adopting a pet, and his reaction was unexpected. Jimin said that although he likes cats, he cannot adopt them because he is allergic to them.

It is hard to believe that Jimin is allergic to his furry friends as he is always seen playing with them on camera. Allergies vary in severity, however, so it is possible for Jimin to be around cats for short periods of time, but not live with them on a daily basis without harming their health.

(Photo: Reproduction)
(Photo: Reproduction)

How about a dog? Jimin has told fans that he likes dogs, but with his busy work schedule, he believes he won’t be able to give the dog all the time and attention he needs. Some idols ask their parents to take care of their pets while they are away, but it will be difficult for Jimin because his parents live in Busan.

That doesn’t mean Jimin isn’t planning on having a pet someday. He said he is thinking of adopting one at the age of 40 or 50.

(Photo: Reproduction)

BTS: Jimin falls off a chair and takes Jungkook with him

Jimin, do bts, proved once again that chairs are his worst enemy… and Jungkook’s too!

“Jimin Vs Chairs” (Jimin Vs Chair) is an endless saga. It all started in 2013…


And it continues to this day!


Jimin can jump gracefully around the stage, but can he sit? off course not. The saga of Kursi with the singer continued in episode 89 BTS Run!. while playing the song guessing game “cow”, he laughed so loudly, that it wiped it out!


The best part? When Jungkook tries to help Jimin up, he falls too!


And Jin’s reaction says it all!


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BTS: Jimin and Netflix call for “talks” and fan collaboration

Will we have a BTS x Netflix partnership anytime soon? Jimin, a member of the group, had recently mentioned the streaming service during an interview. Now the company has responded!

During a group interview with WIRED, he was asked how he learned English. RM said that Jungkook, J-Hope and Suga are taking language classes.

Later, the BTS leader explains that Jimin is not taking English classes and Jimin explains how he learns the language. “Netflix,” he said.

Fans found Jimin’s one-word response hilarious, but no one predicted Netflix would react. An army tweeted a video of Jimin mentioning the streaming service, and the company profile replied: “Kings, I’m so honored.”

After this “interaction”, fans ask the group to launch a project on the streaming service. “Now the next BTS movie will be on Netflix”, predicted a netizen. “When do BTS movies go to Netflix?” Wanted to know one more.

How much does it cost to rent a BTS for a commercial?

South Korean TV channel Mnet’s “TMI News” detailed which stars in the country are charged more for starring in companies’ commercials. In a list primarily dominated by popular actors such as Park Seo-joon and Kim Soo-hyun, BTS surprises and appears at #1.

Groups have become a worldwide phenomenon, so it certainly isn’t cheap to have BTS in your advertising campaigns. For a one-year contract, Septet charges 5 billion won (about 23 million reais).

However, BTS’s most recent collaboration with McDonald’s was actually even higher, doubling the already astronomical number, with an estimated fee of 10 billion won (about R$46 million).

According to the show, the group reportedly “asked for a voluntary deduction of approximately 20% of their modeling fees during advertising contract negotiations” to make it a little less difficult for the brands they represent. Nevertheless, even after the 20% reduction, the BTS annual advertising fee amounted to approximately 62.0 billion KRW (more than 284 million reais).

Looks like the partnership with BTS has paid off for McDonald’s

BTS delighted fans by launching a collaboration with McDonald’s in June of this year. The limited edition combo was made available in 50 countries and appears to have been the biggest hit. The information is from the Sompi website.

McDonald’s officially unveiled its financial performance for the second quarter (April-June) of 2021. Compared to the same quarter in 2020, the fast food chain’s worldwide revenue grew 57% to approximately $5.9 billion.

McDonald’s also reported that its global same-store sales increased by an impressive 40.5% compared to 2020. Compared to the second quarter of 2019, stores also saw 6.9% of global same-store sales, before the drop in sales due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Growth.

In the United States alone, same-store sales grew 25.9% over the past year and 14.9% over 2019.

(Photo: Reproduction)

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Although several factors contributed to earnings growth, analysts agree that “BTS Combo” played a significant role in the growth.

McDonald’s said, “BTS Combo has visited our restaurants and there has been a significant increase in sales of Chicken McNuggets – one of our top menu items.”

McDonald’s Korea previously revealed that in the first four weeks of the group’s combo launch, sales of Chicken McNuggets grew 250% compared to the previous four weeks.

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