Jamie Foxx series of Netflix is ​​embarrassing, which reduces the talent of the actor · TV news

Jamie Foxx series of Netflix is ​​embarrassing, which reduces the talent of the actor · TV news

Mayu Pai e Outros Vexams, a Netflix series starring Jamie Foxx and which marks the actor’s return to the format after 20 years, is full of expectations on Wednesday (14) by fans who return to their original star Want to see However, the result is an embarrassing production that falls far short of the Oscar winner by Ray (2004).

Foxx became known to the general public by being a part of the humor of Fox’s Color (1990–1994), the humorous who also revealed names such as those brothers Damon and Sean Waynes and Jim Carrey. With a predominantly black cast, the attraction placed the future star among the most comic at the time.

The success of the program earned the actor from his steak. In 1996, the first episode of The Jamie FoxX Show aired, the series aired for five seasons on the now extinct network The WB and named Foxx once and for all on the radar of major manufacturers .

Twenty years later, with more than a dozen successes in cinema – and streaming – and an Oscar for Best Actor on the course, FoxX decided to return to the original with the Mayu Pai e Outros Vexams, the series they created and the daughter’s Inspired for their lives together. , Chorine.

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Despite all his talents, proven in both drama and humor, and inspired by his family experiences, Foxx seems to have stopped in time when trying to write scripts for sitcoms again.

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Plot Center on Brian Dixon (FoxX), a hardcore graduate from Atlanta, United States, who is forced to relocate with Sasha (Kyla-Drew), his 15-year-old daughter, after the death of his ex-wife. At their home, the boy still lives with his father, retired Pop (David Alan Griar), and sister Chelsea (Porsche Coleman).

To help him on his mission to star in a new sitcom, FoxX invited Grier, a former co-star in In Live Color. The two show chemistry with their father-son relationship that looks like two friends, but it is one of the few qualities that stands out in the eight episodes of the first season.

Almost all of my father and others are embarrassing jokes or even dull, making Foxx’s effort almost embarrassing the laughter from the audience.

The star is dedicated – he can play four different people – but in the entertainment world there is a maxim that remains in the charm: there is no bad character, but a poorly written script.

Foxx’s attempt to present current themes with a mild approach to the sitcom is notable. Brian has a structural match in his relationship with Sasha, who is constantly exposed to his father’s delays, but these improvements are lost with sexist and even xenophobic strips, referring to Latin pool cleaner Manny (Valentin Rodríguez). Let’s go.

Corinne, 27, began working behind the scenes as an executive producer. “We didn’t want that [Foxx] To play herself, so what’s more embarrassing than her father in makeup all the time? “Said the actor’s daughter in an interview with Entertainment Weekly magazine. In the series, Brian runs a cosmetics company inherited from his mother.

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If for Foxx’s daughter the fact that a father insists on makeup is a joke and embarrassing, a possible improvement in the quality of the series in the future second season can already be doubted. If the actor decides to hand over creative control to someone with more vision for the command, there is probably still hope.

Watch the subtitle trailer for My Father and Other Shame:

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