Jesse J. Reveals Channing Tatum Split In The Working Video

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The 32-year-old ‘price tag’ singer, who started dating ‘Magic Mike’ actor back in September 2018, revealed in a new Instagram post about spending her quarantine days while single.

Jesse J. And Channing Tatum Feet again. The “Flashlight” hitmaker has confirmed that she is no longer “dating”Magic Mike“Actor with a new Instagram post on Tuesday, October 20 showing his dance and glimpse.

The video unfolded while looking at his camera. Later, it cut into a scene where the “Bang Bang” singer shook his dryer in a black dress. “What are my students really doing when I’m quietly trying to read to you quickly about my on leave,” he wrote in the caption. “There is only one life in an epidemic [crystal ball emoji]”

Jesse continued, “It must be funny. So don’t be serious Sally in the comments. Sorry if your name is Sally and you’re not serious.”

Earlier, Jesse was seen revealing her on-off relationship with Channing in her new track, titled “Simply Be In Love”. Seen during an Instagram live broadcast in September, the song found Jesse singing, “You’re always dreaming about tomorrow, and I’m oversighting tomorrow too. … Slow it down, baby step, so we Don’t waste it. Come on / Just stay calm, stay calm, so what we’re not doing / Stopping the pressure, just have fun, it’s not a race, no need to run / If it’s forever, come on Let’s just love. ”

Speaking of the tune, the 32-year-old singer shared, “I wrote this song about it when you first meet someone and you want to steam ahead. Sometimes running can ruin a foundation that needs a relationship.” There is a need to cool down now, stay still and enjoy the moment. ”

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The “Domino” singer started dating Hollywood’s Hunk in September 2018. The couple, however, split in December 2019 only to return in 2020. The pair were spotted together in April because they were probably separated.

She also shared a birthday tribute to the actor on April 26 by uploading some throwback photos of the actor on Instagram. “Happy 40th Birthday to this special man here. You really are one of a kind. I’m so thankful you were born, and thank you so much for meeting us,” the “price tag” singer wrote in the caps. “Live your best life!”

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