Johal praised Beyonc ਚੰਗੀ for taking good care of her during her 2003 det performance.

IF / Adriana M. Barraza

Recalling her collaboration with ‘Freedom’ singing for ‘VH1 Day Dwight’, the ‘Standing Still’ hitmaker revealed that the superstar dialed her routine and took root.

Aceshobiz – Singer Jewel culture Has been praised Beyonc ਨ Knowles To help him unselfishly during a VH1 Day Devotional show in 2003.

The weird couple was paired up for Gig and the “You Were Mine for Me” singer now admits she was scared to perform with the superstar, fearing she would fool him.

But the Houston-born singing diva took his routine down and allowed Johal to lead directly when he arrived on stage to cover. Credence Clear Water RevivalOf “Proud Mary”.

“I’m very nervous on stage and they’re like, ‘Let’s go choreography,'” Standing Still “hitmaker told Australia’s” The Sunday Project “. “I can’t … I can’t dance. I play the guitar and I stand comfortably and I can barely walk on high heels.”

Johal struggled with the practice routine and then forgot about the performance when it came to saving Beyonc ਬਚਾ.

“Most of the girls on that show didn’t mind showing up to another girl,” she recalled. “She didn’t want to. She wanted me to get taller … she was taking root for me.”

“I think throughout the choreography I had an out-of-body experience … and I forgot many parts of the choreography. I didn’t even know it, but he saw me and just did what I did. ‘How good is that?’ Most girls would take the opportunity to say, ‘I look great here.’ She was a sister and was taking good care of me. ”

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