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after the decision Amber Heard US$10.35 million (R$.) owed 49.50 million) Johnny Depp, Heard’s lawyer said the actress couldn’t stand compensation. add to Hurd’s tax problem To continue accumulating bad news. Already had a bad divorce, but the live-streamed trial was about defamation, whether Depp had abused her, and whether Heard had slandered her in a 2018 editorial in which she claimed to be a victim of domestic abuse. wrote about.

Jury finds that Heard defames Deppo and awarded him US$10 million (R$.) 47.83 million) Another US$5 million (R$.) in compensatory damages. 23.91 million) In punitive damages, reduced to US$350 thousand (R$.) 1.6 million). Hurd received US$2 million (R$.) 9.5 million) In damages, so the tally — the appeal he has already promised to file before the appeal — is $10.35 million for Depp and $2 million for Heard. But what about the tax problem?

Taxes will matter a lot, and bills Be Ugly About The Loss Of Johnny Depp And Amber Heard, Hurd promised the ACLU $3.5 million. American Civil Liberties Union), After receiving US$7 million (R$.) 33.48 million) In divorce from Depp, but just $1.3 million. 6.2 million) So far in the organization.

And this tax deduction for court expenses, Are the fees not tax deductible? barely. Depp could argue that he sued his ex-wife to protect his business, and the IRS (Internal Revenue Service, the revenue service of the federal government of the United States) That idea could very well buy into it, as Heard’s 2018 editorial cost Depp a lot of lost business.

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The IRS might say it was still a personal matter, regardless of business repercussions, but Depp and his men probably could still claim the deduction. They can convince the IRS, but they shouldn’t either. After all, most tax returns — even if you’re rich and famous — are unaudited. But surely Johnny Depp and Amber Heard may have other tax problems, too.

Amber Heard wouldn’t be so lucky. Your case is individual, and it can put a burden on your tax collection. She must pay fees on the $2 million, but may not be able to deduct any portion of the $10.35 million that the judgment said she must pay to her ex-husband.

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And court fees are another real problem. Both Depp and Heard spent a lot on legal fees for this case. Each spent millions, though Depp certainly spent more, well over $5 million. 23.91 million), according to estimates. He could tell it was a business because it had an impact on his career.

But the tax cut case for Hurd is pretty weak. In his case, it appears to be a personal dispute, not his business or occupation. That means paying millions in legal fees — and $10.35 million in damages — without tax.

He is not the only litigant to face heavy taxes while settling the case. As of 2018, many plaintiffs cannot deduct their attorney fees, in a form tax on court settlement, need to be creative in finding parties ways to extract this kind of expense.

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contingency charges, which are Payable only on favorable results, don’t solve either. If the lawyer is entitled to 40%, the claimant will generally receive a net recovery of fees only. but according to Commissioner V. Bank, 543 US 426 (2005), contingency fee cases must generally comprise 100% of the proceeds in the plaintiff, even if paid directly to the attorney. This is one of many strange rules about legal agreements. tax is levied, This stricter tax rule often means that claimants must find a way to cut their 40% tax, perhaps one of the 12 Ways to Deduct Legal Fees under the new tax laws.

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