Joy King is a princess who saves herself in the new Star+ movie. it’s worth seeing?

It’s been a while since fairy tales have taken a more progressive position where, not always, their princesses need a “prince” to save their lives. This is the premise of the film princessstarring joy kingwho arrived last Friday (22) star Plus.

the director lay-van ketoThe film takes place centuries ago, but with the idea of ​​a contemporary princess who needs to fight for herself and herself if she doesn’t want a tragic fate.

The film must be one of the most watched movies in the world. star Plus later this week, and then we’ll let you know if it’s really worth giving this production a chance.

about princess


In a medieval kingdom ruled by a peaceful king, the eldest princess is secretly trained in the arts of warfare.

Having no sons, the king decides to marry his eldest daughter to the son of a royal diplomat, however, knowing that her lover is a cruel sociopath, the princess leaves her at the altar.

Her act provokes the anger of the rejected groom, who ends up taking control of the castle by force, trapping the princess in a tower, with the help of mercenaries.

Knowing that she can rely on no one but herself to save her kingdom, the young woman will do anything to free herself, save her family, and eliminate the risk posed by her rejected fiancé.


Production of princess started in October 2020, when 20th century studio bought the script rights from the creators Ben Lusting And Jake Thornton.

The film’s distribution rights were acquired by Hulu, main streaming Disney In the United States, the film must be part of the catalog while in the rest of the world star Plus it is from Disney Plus.

launch of princess Happened on July 1 in the United States and July 22 in Latin America.


As already mentioned, the main star of princess it is joy kingAn actress who has become very popular in recent years after starring in the series actwhich earned him a nomination for amy, and netflix movie trilogy, kissing booth.

The film’s antagonist was responsible Dominic Cooper, Actor best known for playing young Howard Stark (the father of iron man) in the MCU, and sky in both movies Mama Mia!.

Apart from these two, there are other names in the cast. Olga Kurilenko, Veronica Ngo, Alex Reid, Ed Stoppard, Caitlin Rose Downeyamong others.

it’s worth seeing princess On Star+?

A bad script and a very good and convincing performance joy king That’s what you’ll find in this feature film that’s really nothing new, but there’s a lot of fun to be had along the protagonist’s different paths away from practically impossible situations throughout the film.

if we were to evaluate princess Just for its photographic looks, its battle choreography, and the random, utterly hilarious and unexpected short scenes that unfold amidst the chaos, we can say that this is a great film.

But unfortunately, the production fails to produce a relevant narrative, and spoils its very predictable and shallow dialogue about a young woman fighting for autonomy and the fall of the patriarchy in medieval times. Can be a complete and visceral experience.

really, princess A feminist film, but without depth, limits its protagonists to extreme acts of survival against their enemies (mostly men) and influential phrases that say nothing more than obvious at the end.

that actually becomes a sin King and great artist princess Doesn’t have rich narrative material to work with As it’s worth mentioning how good their characters really would have been if the story had taken a less simplistic approach.

But, to be fair, the film improves significantly from the middle to the end, if not in its dialogues, then at least in the excitement of interest to watch the story.

Anyway, while watching The Princess till the end, it is realized that the film is not good…

If the viewer isn’t expecting much more than sword fighting, archery and a young lady banging herds of (even hundreds) male donkeys, then this movie could be the perfect entertainment for your weekend.

Now if the desire is to do something more complicated and with less clichés, then it is better to stay away from this option in Star Plus.

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