Julia Roberts said 1 co-star was “absolutely disgusting”

Julia Roberts is a famous actress who rose to fame after a series of roles in high-profile romantic comedies. Even after decades in the business, Roberts remains one of America’s favorite stars, a woman who can charm a room with the glow of her smile. Roberts is known for his good nature and love, however, “America’s Sweetheart” is also his day. According to reports, Roberts was once involved in a notorious feud with one of his co-stars in the early nineties.

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How did Julia Roberts become famous?

Julia Roberts was born in 1967 in Georgia. Raised in a family of playwrights and actors, Roberts had a strong desire to become a veterinarian. However, when he graduated from high school, he turned his attention to acting. In the late eighties, Roberts began making roles in television and film projects, and it wasn’t long before the brilliant Roberts made his debut in the 1988 independent film. Mysterious pizza, Accordingly IMDB.

In 1989, Roberts appeared in another fan-favorite film, Client Classic. Steel Magnolias. Roberts’ performance as a girl battling diabetes was criticized, and she received an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actress for her role in the film. By this time, however, Roberts was a rising star, bringing her biggest film next year, and one that would define the first decade of her career.

Julia Roberts and Nick Nolte co-starred in ‘I Love Trouble’.

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In 1990, Julia Roberts appeared in the film pretty Woman, Against Richard Gere. Roberts was perfect for the role, and she became a huge star after the film’s release. Roberts not only nominated his second Academy Award for his role as Vivian Ward, but also won a Golden Globe Award. There was a lot of pressure on Roberts to follow suit pretty Woman With more high-profile roles, and she didn’t disappoint – after the boom, she appeared in movies like Sleeping with the enemy, Hook, And Players.

Roberts’ work in the 1993 film I love trouble However, not so well received. The film, which was a comedy with a dramatic twist, was co-starring Nick Knollt, an actor who first gained fame in the seventies and was praised for his work in films. Prince of Tides. It certainly sounded like a dream casting, however, it didn’t take long for the reports to start circulating, indicating that Roberts and Nolte did not agree during the shooting of the film. I love trouble.

Did Julia Roberts and Nick Nolte have an argument?

In 1993, at that time I love trouble Was released, Julia Roberts a revealing interview with Nick Nolte. Was opened in ਨਿ. The York Times, Leaving some more clues about her relationship with her co-star. “Ever since I met him, we have had a very difficult time,” Roberts said in an interview. “And naturally we get on each other’s nerves.”

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After I love trouble Released rumors of a feud between Roberts and Nolte remain, with some sources claiming the two had to work on set with each other’s stand-in because they were unable to agree for a long time, according to In vain fair. Whatever the truth of the matter, Roberts and Nolte have not worked together since then – perhaps to reinforce the idea that the two cannot stand against each other.

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