Kate Bush, ’80s Diva, Returns to Top for Soundtrack in “Stranger Things”

Kate Bush

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The fourth season of “Stranger Things” brought everything and, as always, it brought many references to the 80s such as: haircuts, clothing and accessories, cinematographic and musical works. The song in the series “Search” “running up That Hill”1985, killed by British singer Kate Bush.

The track has appeared on a recurring basis since its May 27 premiere. This is Max’s favorite song, Played by actress Sadie Sink, and –attention, spoiler– The song also helps the young woman get rid of the terrible villain Vecna ​​at a certain moment.

The highlight of the song in the series, Discovered by Generation Z, has increased dramatically Its popularity, reaching number one on iTunes and other platforms such as Spotify, was demonstrated, where it is already According to the daily ranking of this Thursday (9), the game is the most played in the world.

“Running Up That Hill” also debuted in the top 10 of the US charts, peaking at number 8. Billboard’s Hot 100, In Brazil it reached 44th place.

Outside of streaming platforms, “Running Up That Hill” is in evidence on pop radio and on YouTube. The conceptual clip, recorded at a time when MTV was only present in the US, was one of the 70 most played over the weekend.

The singer was surprised!

Kate Bush reacts to the song’s return to the top of the charts after 37 years. in one of his statements site, The singer-songwriter, now 63, said the show has given her music a “new lease of life” and that the popularity is “very exciting”. Kate thanked fans around the world for reviving “Running Up That Hill”, before revealing that she herself is a fan of the series. See his message:

“You may have heard that the first part of the fantastic and exciting new season of Stranger Things was recently released on Netflix. She performs on the song ‘Running Up That Hill’, which is being given a new life by young fans who adore the show – Main Bhi Karti Hoon! Because of this, ‘Running Up That Hill’ is doing well all over the world and entered the UK charts at number 8. This is all very exciting! Many thanks to everyone who supported the song. I am looking forward to the rest of the series in July.”

Discover the History of Music

“Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God)” was the first single from the album “Hounds of Love” from 1985 – the same time it leads to the Netflix series. Along with other hits “The Big Sky” and “Cloudbusting”, it extendedThe album peaked at number one on the British charts.

The single “Running…” is also the second biggest hit of Kate Bush’s career – the biggest still being “Wuthering Heights”.

In addition, “Running Up That Hill” marked Kate Bush’s career-high, peaking at number 30 on the US Billboard Hot 100.

The letter is curious. It tells of a couple who “deal” with God so that each stays in each other’s body for a while. According to Bush, this would be a way for men and women to better understand each other’s positions in the battle of the sexes.

The song’s cyclothymic construction with drums in the same rhythm from beginning to end, added to Kate Bush’s beautiful voice, creates a hypnotic atmosphere. Check out this excerpt from the series itself:

“Stranger Things” has always had an exceptional soundtrack, composed of ’80s hits as well as lesser-known tunes. However, “Running Up That Hill” is the first time the series has seen a song reach such a degree of overnight success.

It remains to be seen what the Duffer Brothers have in store for viewers with the remaining two episodes of the hit show, which arrives on July 1.

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