Kate Bush comments on the sudden success of her music while appearing on Stranger Things

Kate Bush comments on the sudden success of her music while appearing on Stranger Things

kate bush Many thanks to the fans of strange things who ‘revived’ their 1985 success due to the new season.

Song running up That HillThere is an important role for the character of Max, played by the singer. (Sadie Sink) in the fourth season, and as a result fell into the taste of the audience of the series Netflix,

Two days after the premiere of the new episode, the song became Most downloaded from Apple Music storeAlso back in the most listened lists almost 40 years after its release.

kate wrote a post on its official website Thanking Sneh and making some comments about the new season of Charm, which she revealed that she is a huge fan of. Check out the artist’s full message:

“You must have heard that the first part of the spectacular and immersive new season strange things Recently released on Netflix. it contains the song running up That Hill Which has been given a new life by the young fans who love the show, I love it too! Because of this, running up That Hill It topped the charts worldwide and reached number eight in the UK chart., This is all very exciting! Many thanks to everyone who supported the song. I look forward to holding my breath for the rest of the season in July. ,

Max is seen flying in the new trailer for Stranger Things (Reproduction/Netflix)

Singers were very careful with permission

Sony executive Wendy Crowley revealed in an interview Diversity That the process of getting the music on the series was very detailed and he spoke in detail with the series’ music supervisor Nora Felder. According to her, Kate doesn’t allow any production to use her songs and wanted to know everything before giving her the OK:

“She wanted to make sure it was possible before convincing the Duffer brothers about the idea, as the song would be the centerpiece of Max’s story. Kate Bush is very selective when it comes to licensing her music, so we gave her script pages and footage for her to review and see how the music will actually be used.,

Volume one of the fourth season of strange things, Available now, consisting of 7 episodes Netflix, Volume Two, along with the final two episodes, will continue July 1,

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