Kevin Bacon stars in new LGBTQIA+-themed horror

Kevin Bacon stars in new LGBTQIA+-themed horror

Kevin Bacon Summer Camp Returns After Nearly Forty Years for a New Horror Production they them,

The actor was one of the victims of Jason (or rather, Mrs Voorhies) in 1980 Friday the 13One of his first film roles.

Now returning to the camp slasher genre with a new production under the banner of Kevin Blumhouse Productions (Via Entertainment Tonight Online,

they them will tell the story of A ‘gay conversion’ camp Where a group of LGBTQIA+ youth, who are forced to attend for a week, must join forces to protect themselves from a mysterious killer.

In addition to Kevin, who will play the camp director, production is Anna Chlumsky Like Molly, the camp doctor, Carrie Preston As conversion therapist Cora Whistler.

Queer and trans youth forming the newcomer group include theo german like jordan, Austin Kraut like toby, Monique Kim like veronica, Anna Lore like kim, cooper coach stew and the like Darwin Del Fabros Like Gabriel.

See some pictures from the film below:

they/them (disclosure/peacock)
they/them (disclosure/peacock)
they/them (disclosure/peacock)

‘A film that celebrates strange identities’

John LoganThe film’s director and screenwriter explained in an interview that he always identified a lot with horror films because he felt isolated as a gay man:

“They/they is an idea that has been sprouting in me for the rest of my life. I’ve always loved horror movies for as long as I can remember, I guess it’s because Monsters represent ‘the other’ and as a young gay man I felt a powerful sense of identity with characters who were differentoutside the norm, or prohibited.”

for filmmakers, they them It will be a film that will heavily represent characters that were not featured in the media before. Apart from having fun, John wants moviegoers to imbibe the love and unity for each other in this adversity:

“I wanted to make a film that celebrated strange identities, with characters I never saw growing up. When people walk out of this movie, I hope they remember the incredible love these young people have for each other and how that love should be preserved and celebrated. ,

they them Peacock premiered on August 5 in the United States, still without a release date in Brazil.

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