King of Laughter in the 1990s, Eddie Murphy reaches 60 with a career resume · TV news

King of Laughter in the 1990s, Eddie Murphy reaches 60 with a career resume · TV news

Eddie Murphy turns 60 this Saturday (3). One of the leading names in world cinema comedies in the 1990s, the actor faced a murky period in the 2000s and hit rock bottom with a series of successive failures, but resumed the golden age in recent years In films like Meri Naam Is Dolemite (2019) and Ek Rajkumar 2 (2021) in New York.

Eddie Murphy’s height and decay

Having distinguished himself in the cast of Saturday Night Live between 1980 and 1984, the actor was named Umra Tera da Pesada (1984), O Professor Alloprado (1996) and Dr. Dolittet (1998), was marked by his work in films such as the sequel-winning success.

Eddie Murphy, the owner of the character Donkey’s voice in the original dubbing of the Shrek franchise, didn’t have such a great time in the 2000s. Less than two years later, he starred in five films that hardly remembered his great moments: Showtime (2002), Pluto Nash (2002), Sau Espio (2002), Creche do Papai (2003) and Manso Mal. -Houndedo (2003).

His next job was a point outside the curve. The cast gave soul singer Jimmy Early a character in the musical Dreamgirls (2006), which won him a Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actor in 2007, which included Jack Nicholson, Ben Affleck, Brad Pitt and Mark Wahlberg in addition to a nomination. The same year for the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor. Remember below:

But the level did not remain in his next works, such as Norbit (2007), in which he played several characters, The Great Dave (2008) and Imagine SO (2009). Eddie Murphy still lived with Ben Stiller as a heavyweight thug in Robbery in the Heights (2011). The film Ace Mill Palavras (2012) was the last film released before their professional hiatus, although it was recorded in 2008.

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Decision to interrupt career

Then came a sabbatical. In an interview with the WTF Podcast on March 8, 2021, the actor himself explained his plans: “I stopped making films in 2011. [Pensei:] ‘Let me say goodbye to films’, because I was doing those shitik movies, like, ‘This shit is not funny.’

“They gave me golden raspberry [premiação que contempla os piores filmes e atores do mundo do cinema]. I think these sons gave me the golden raspberry of history’s worst actor [na verdade, Eddie recebeu o de pior ator da década em 2010], Or something like this (laughs). It was like, ‘Maybe it’s time to take a break. When do you win the Golden Raspberry for Worst Actor? Maybe I had to take a step back, ”continued the comedian, in terms of the award.

Murphy then concluded, “I was just going to take a break for a year and suddenly it was six o’clock. And I was sitting on the couch.” [pensando]: ‘You know, I can sit on that couch and can’t climb on it. I don’t want to leave him, but they saw me that last batch of filth was terrible. ‘So I was like,’ Let me get off the couch and do something that reminds me that I’m funny and if I want to get back on the couch, I can do that. ‘

A. Ratomada D. Eddie Murphy

It seems that Murphy was a bit confused about the dates, as he appeared in the recording of Miss Church (2016), which was erased in October 2014, three years after Robbery’s last filming in the Heights.

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It was in 2019 with the release of My Name Is Dolmite by director Craig Brewer, that Eddie Murphy made his winning comeback. In the feature film about black comedian Rudy Ray Moore (1927–2008), he has been known for his character dolimite in the United States since the 1970s. watch the trailer:

The Netflix film competed for the Golden Globe for Best Musical or Comedy Film, with Eddie being nominated in the Best Actor category, awarding Taran Egerton for his representation of Elton John in Rockton (2019).

Two years later, the comedian returned to work with Brewer at A Prince in New York, a sequence that began 33 years after the original that convinced people by appealing to nostalgia. The film is available for viewing on the Amazon Prime video streaming service. Watch the trailer below:

Coming back to acclaim after so many years, Eddie Murphy still has no set date for the premiere of his next film. In 2019, the Deadline website revealed that Netflix acquired the rights to the heavyweight franchise with Paramount, indicating that a sequel should arrive soon.

Since the beginning of the past decade, rumors have occasionally surfaced that Murphy may be in the triple, the sequel to Twin Brothers (1988), starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito. He will resurrect a third brother who has nothing in common (physical or psychological) with his relatives. The actors have already made a statement that the film may be off the ground, although there are no further details.

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