Know about the major landslides of the last two years

Know about the major landslides of the last two years
Know about the major landslides of the last two years

A civil defense helicopter flies over a landslide area in Rio’s mountainous region of Petropolis in search of survivors on February 16, 2022 – AFP

Discover the main landslides caused by meteorological events in the last two years in the world, following the tragedy that occurred in the city of Petropolis, a mountainous region of the state of Rio de Janeiro on Tuesday (15):

– October 2021, India and Nepal

Several days of heavy floods and devastating landslides have killed nearly 200 people in India and Nepal.

In India, with 102 deaths, the most affected were the states of Uttarakhand (North, Himalayas) and Kerala (South, Coast).

– July 2021, India

Monsoon rains also caused floods and landslides on the country’s west coast, killing 160 people and leaving dozens missing in July 2021. In the state of Maharashtra alone, 149 people lost their lives, 40 of them killed by an avalanche that devastated the village. From Taliye, south of Mumbai.

– July 2021, Germany and Belgium

Due to torrential rains on 14 and 15 July, floods of rare intensity killed at least 221 people: 183 in Germany; and 38 in Belgium.

Apart from this, there is news of two people missing in Germany. The “landers” most affected were Rhineland-Palatinate and North Rhine-Westphalia (West).

On the 16th, in Erfstadt, near Cologne (west), part of the city collapsed after a landslide, killing and leaving many people missing.

– November 2020, Honduras, Guatemala and Nicaragua

In less than 15 days and following the same trajectory, Hurricanes Eta and Iota ravaged Honduras, Guatemala and Nicaragua, leaving a trail of destruction with devastating floods, landslides and hundreds of deaths.

In Guatemala alone, a landslide, which buried dozens of homes in the indigenous village of Queja (North), would have killed more than 100 people.

– October 2020, Vietnam

About 130 people died, more than 310,000 homes were damaged or destroyed in severe flooding and landslides in the center of the country.

The dead included 22 soldiers buried in a horrific landslide in Quang Tri province.

– July 2020, Myanmar

On day 3, a massive landslide at a jade mine in the north of the country killed more than 166 informal collectors. After torrential monsoon rains, large amounts of rock fall into a lake, causing “mud waves” in a valley in the Hapakant district, close to the Chinese border.

– April 2020, Kenya

The floods and landslides caused by heavy rains kill about 200 people over the course of a month, destroying many crops, especially in the west and center of the country. Coastal areas were also affected.

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