Know Omar Sai’s career in 5 films

Know Omar Sai's career in 5 films

A reason why Lupine Started for the first time in Netflix It was definitely french Omar Say. Overflowing with charisma in every scene, the actor plays Essen Lup, an Acekonado of the books, who uses the iconic coat thief as the inspiration for his father’s revenge scheme against the millionaire who implicated his father. Won the audience by playing. His performance is so irresistible that it is not difficult to end the season wanting to see other productions he has played.

Now, chances are very good that you have seen him on the big screen as well, without watching French cinema and TV releases closely. Where? Well, the actor has acted in a few blockbusters in the United States, beginning with Jurassic World. In the 2015 feature, he was introduced as Velociraptor trainer Barry Sembene, played by Nayak. Chris prat. Character reappeared in video game Lego Jurassic WorldVoiced by C, and the third film in the franchise has a guaranteed appearance, Jurassic World: Domain.

But this is not just a franchise depicted in the course of the franchise. For example, before joining the Dinosaur Park saga, Sy played the role of a mutant bishop X-Men: Days of Future Past. In later years it was present Transformers: The Last KnightArrogant Hot Rod voicing Autobot, more have passed hell, Optimize And brown Where Christoph Bouchard lived.

Apart from the above films, there are many other actors starring whom you can watch to continue to follow their work until they renew. Lupine For the second season. Check out five of them below:

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