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There was controversy behind the scenes in The Flash. Actor Hartley Sawyer, who played the Elastic Man, was dropped from the DC series.

The reason for this was a series of old tweets. Sawyer made racist, sexist and homophobic remarks on him.

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As is known, Elastic Man will have a new interpreter. However, Sawyer’s resignation changed the series, as the figure would be less prominent in the seventh season.

Now Slapstick Eric Wallace told TV Line what would happen after Sawyer’s resignation. The character, for now, only returns at the beginning of the seventh season.

“The first and third chapters have changed. The first was around 20%. We had to deal with the loss of the cast of Elastic Man, which was inside the story as we cleared Suu. It was a great puzzle, but we made lemonade out of lemonade and had a strong episode as a result.

Wallace also commented that The Flash would “rely more on the actors’ feelings” after this change. In addition, the DC series should offer some explanation of the change in the appearance of elastic man.

The Flash series is renewed for the eighth season on DC.

Apparently, Barry Allen’s plot has everything to become Arrowverse’s most enduring series. Thus, the production needs to imagine even more stories and keep a few cards up its sleeve.

What is known is that The Flash has one of the largest CW audiences in the United States. Despite the renovation, the station focuses on the seventh year of the series.

The Flash’s Synopsis states, “A forensic expert wakes up from a coma with special powers that will be put to the test in a fight against forces that endanger the city.”

The seventh season of The Flash is on display in the United States. In Brazil, the series is six years old on Netflix.

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