Know where to watch Friends and Gossip Girl after the series Netflix

Know where to watch Friends and Gossip Girl after the series Netflix

Guys, Gossip Girl and Um Maluko no Pedo leave Netflix in Brazil this Friday (1)

For fans of Friends, Gossip Girl and Um Maluko no Pedako, 2021 has already started badly. That’s because the series, which was in the Netflix catalog in Brazil, left the streaming service. And now, how to see?

For now, no streaming service is entitled to broadcast the series in the country. Their days of waiting may be counted, but there is still no end date. friend
, Will be part of Gossip Girl and Crazy in the Peace Hbo max
, Which has already started in the United States, but no date has been set to roam the Brazilian soil.

Just like Disney did before its arrival Disney +
, HBO removed all its content from competitors’ catalogs Amazon Prime Video and Netflix when it launched its streaming service in Brazil. A similar movement rests on HBO Max, which has not yet officially arrived, but may.

We are friends in the United States, gossip Girl
, New prince of bel air
And other films and series have already been removed from Netflix and Amazon Prime Video by WarnerMedia, the owner of the group controlling HBO. In Brazil, it took longer to remove this material due to the fact that HBO Max has not arrived yet.

As expected, the series’ departure was officially confirmed Netflix
On 23 December. Netflix posted on Twitter, “Thanks for all the laughter, gossip and coffee. I tried, guys. But we only have until December 31 to review A Mad Man, Gossip Girl and Friends.”

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If Brazilians will not be able to marathon the already established series until the arrival of HBO, hope for the future is encouraging. In addition to the series being re-available when the streaming service arrives, new productions included in each of the three – Friends, Gossip Girl and Um Maluko no Pedako – will be available.

Years later, the cast of Friends and Um Maluko no Pedako made special preparations with a historical reunion, while Gossip Girl would get a reboot, a new version.

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