Kovid-19 strain found in India has become the dominant form in the country.

Índia passou de 24 milhões de infecções por Covid-19
India has grown from 24 million Kovid-19 infections, with more than 4,000 cases for the third consecutive day
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Genome sequencing data shared during the review of Kovid-19 by the Indian Ministry of Health indicated that B.1.617 is the most prominent mutant variant in India.

The Indian Ministry of Health and Family Welfare said in a statement released on Monday that out of 25,739 positive samples of Kovid-19, 5,261 was found to have the type B1.617, making it “the most common mutation ever found.” (24).

In March, the Indian Ministry of Health stated that the Kovid-19 variant, first found in the United Kingdom, was the most prevalent in the country. But B.1.617 has increased in vogue since the second wave devastating the country.

India is not only struggling with an increasing number of mutant forms, but also grappling with various types of infections of the “black fungus” – a rare and potentially fatal disease called mucormycosis.

Many of those infected with “black fungus” are patients with coronavirus or who have recently recovered from Kovid-19, meaning that their immune system has been weakened by the virus.

Based on an analysis of 5,424 cases of black fungus in the country, 4,556 cases had a history of Kovid-19 infection. Health Minister Harsh Vardhan said on Monday that 55% of the affected people also had diabetes, which made them vulnerable to the disease.

The latest figures from India’s Ministry of Chemicals and Fertilizers indicate that there are at least 8,848 cases of black fungus in the country.

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