Kylie and Kendall Jenner take a peek at their dating preferences in the playful Tiktok video


Returning on good terms after a fierce battle, the ‘Binding to the Kardashians’ sisters join the army in creating a new challenge in which choosing the qualities best suits them.

Kylie Jenner And his older sister, Kendall Jenner, To make a fun video to get rid of any bad feelings from their fights. Thursday, November 26, “Standing with Kardashians“The stars have proved that they are back on good terms after a big fight during the family run, mocking their dating preferences on Tik Tok.

Posted by Kylie, the seconds-long clip captures the sisters turning to the camera under the features that best describe them. As the “hoppers” and “rappers” categories expanded, they both hid their faces as they each moved towards their chosen mark. Kendall turned to “Hoppers” in reference to her trend of basketball dates, while Kylie chose “Rappers”.

Kylie Jenner's Tic Tac Toe Video

Kylie and Kendall Jenner participated in a new challenge video for Tiktok.

Other categories include “Daddy’s Fave” and “Mommy’s Fave”, “Low Maintenance” and “High Maintenance” as well as “Going Out” and “Staying Forever”. Daughters of Chris Jenner He also had fun in the “Sloppy Dread” and “Funny Dirk” categories, in which Kendall saw Kelly try to push towards the “Sloppy” section.

As for the “supermodel” and “Instagram model” categories, Kendall can be seen refusing to go to Kylie’s “supermodel” side. However, that did not stop Kylie from claiming the title. In the title of Tick ​​tock post“I’m still an internal supermodel,” wrote the 23-year-old cosmetic mogul.

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Kylie and Kendall had a big result earlier this year when their mother refused to take her model sister home after a family vacation in Palm Springs. The two were caught in a noisy match that left Kylie and her mother’s boyfriend, Corey gambling, Leaving Kendall alone at a gas station. The November 5 episode of “KUWTK” revealed that the two were not on terms of speaking for a month after the fight.

After the two finally spoke to each other, Kendall said in a confessional statement, “Sisters are sisters. We can all fight and call each other crazy things but at the end of the day, we are family and we are in love. Too much of each other. “He added that his younger sister was” my partner in crime, has always been my whole life, and it will never change. ”

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