Lais is ninth with 91.25% of the votes

Laís nona eliminada do BBB22

Lais BBB was in ninth place with 22, with 91.25% of the votes, making her the most voted by the public so far. Douglas Silva received about 4.48% and Eliezer about 4.27% of the vote, resulting in a dispute for R$1.5 million. In all, the wall got 157,060,266 votes.

Tadeu Schmidt thundered into the brothers’ heads in his speech last Tuesday (22) and said there was a dispute for tenth over the hot seat in the two bricks, without naming names. The presenter was talking about DG and Eliezer, who were far from finished and the difference between them was very small.

Shortly after the announcement of her elimination, while still on the couch, Lais gives a kiss to Gustavo, with whom she was a romantic partner in the household.

“Okay, guys!” said the now former sister, as she hugged her fourth Lollipop colleagues, who couldn’t hold back their tears.

As for Natalia, Lynn da Quebrada and Jesselane, Laiss gave her opinion on what the game would be like. “Now you win. Now this will be the turning point”, Lais said.

Goyana also said goodbye to his biggest rival in the game, Arthur Aguirre, who drove him to the wall.

“Outside, we exchange ideas, we talk”, said Arthur. And received the reply from Lias as “It’s just a game. Outside, I want to meet Arthur.”

Heading to the outskirts of the house, hugging Gustavo and hand-in-hand with Eslovenia, Lais asks the brothers not to “cry” when they leave.

“Don’t delay, please”, he said, hugging Gustavo again.

Before leaving home, Laiss left a message for her colleagues: “Guys, being with you was an incredible, unique experience. It was a pleasure to be here with you. I will wait for you outside, stay strong. Play with everything in there”, Lais said.

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