Leaked documents exposed America’s ‘Ministry of Truth’

According to leaked documents, the US government plans to use its now-filed Disinformation Governance Board (DGB) to get the social media platform, which the government has misunderstood.

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The whistleblower files show that the US government sought to “operate” social media sites to combat alleged propaganda.

Leaked documents exposed America’s ‘Ministry of Truth’

The US government plans to use its now-filed Disinformation Governance Board (DGB) to force social media platforms to remove posts deemed false by the government, according to leaked documents obtained by opposition lawmakers.

Republican Senators Chuck Grassley (Iowa) and Josh Hawley (Missouri) cited whistleblower files in an open letter to Department of Homeland Security (DHS) chief Alejandro Meyerkas published Wednesday in which they pressured the controversial DGB for more information.

The department plans to “coordinate efforts to leverage relationships with social media platforms to allow the removal of user content,” the senators said in a press release, adding that it has sought to “implement its agenda.” “Seeked to access big tech sites.

First launched in April, the council was quickly shut down after a strong public backlash when critics compared it to a state-run “Ministry of Truth”. Lawmakers said the leaked documents raised “serious concerns” about the initiative.

“The DGB was created to serve much more than a simple ‘working group’ to ‘develop guidelines, standards’ [e] Security’ to protect civil rights and civil liberties,” he wrote. “Indeed, DHS documents show that the DGB was designed to be the department’s central cluster, clearinghouse, and advocate for administration policy and anything else.” It was decided to have ‘disruption’ to answer to the issue.”

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Grassley and Hawley argued that the Biden administration had not come up with a clear definition of “disruption” and that the DHS board had shown serious bias even in its early stages, despite assurances that it would remain apolitical.

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In particular, he pointed to author and “disruptive collaborator” Nina Jankowicz, who was chosen to head the DGB, claiming that she is “a known smuggler of foreign propaganda and liberal conspiracy theories”.

Jankowicz may have been hired primarily because of “his relationship with officials on Twitter,” with senators alleging that leaked documents suggest the White House worked with social media companies to “enforce its public policy goals.” planned to “operate” the connection. ,

Preliminary briefing notes prepared in late April indicate that a senior DHS official, Robert Silver, planned to meet with officials Twitter To discuss the propaganda board, although it is not yet clear whether the scheduled meeting took place.

Both senators asked Meyerkas to disclose more details about the department’s goals for the DGB, including asking social media companies to never “censor, flag, add or remove references” to user posts or to ban accounts. Was said. He also requested documents and communications related to Jankowicz and asked the government to give its definition of actionable propaganda, saying it “must identify who is actually responsible for determining who.”

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